Dark Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

To make the most out of ‘mon such as Umbreon, you need to know what dark Pokémon weaknesses are, as well as their resistances and strengths.

Dark Pokemon weakness - Obstagoon charging into battle in front of a yellow background

Welcome to our dark-type weakness guide. There are many different types of Pokémon out there, but one of the most popular is arguably dark. Not that this is surprising, given the likes of Obstagoon, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Weavile, and Krookodile fall under this category. However, to make the most out of them, you need to know what the dark Pokémon weakness is.

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Anyway, let’s descend into our dark Pokémon weakness guide.

What are dark Pokémon weaknesses?

Dark-type Pokémon have three weaknesses – bug, fighting, and fairy-types. Though this might seem like a concern, dark Pokémon can learn some truly devastating attacks that offset the worry that normally comes with multiple weaknesses.

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What are dark Pokémon resistances?

Dark Pokémon are resistant to:

Dark ‘mon are resistant to those that lurk in the shadows, as well as creatures that like to play mind tricks.

What are dark Pokémon strengths?

  • Ghost Pokémon
  • Psychic Pokémon

Dark Pokémon are exceedingly strong against ghost Pokémon and psychic Pokémon. As such, the likes of Gengar, Hoopa, Gardevoir, and Jynx really struggle against dark-type ‘mon.

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