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Dark Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Knowing the dark Pokémon weaknesses is crucial to make the most of your team, and it especially helps if you know dark strengths too.

Dark Pokemon weakness - Pangoro, Umbreon, and Obstagoon posing together in front of a light black PT background

What is the dark Pokémon weakness? It’s a fair question, and with our dark-type weakness guide, we can answer that for you. There are many different types of Pokémon out there, but one of the most popular is arguably dark. Not that this is surprising, given the likes of Obstagoon, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Weavile, and Krookodile fall under this category. However, to make the most out of them, you need to know what the dark Pokémon weakness is.

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Anyway, let’s descend into our dark Pokémon weakness guide.

Dark Pokemon Weakness: the fighting, fairy, and bug-type icons in front of a black background

What is dark Pokémon’s weakness?

Dark-type Pokémon have three weaknesses – bug, fighting, and fairy-types. Admittedly, multiple weaknesses are usually a cause for concern, but in the case of dark Pokémon, they can learn some powerful attacks that still give them a fighting chance.

If you want to discover how to defeat these types, however, our fighting Pokémon weakness, bug Pokémon weakness, and fairy Pokémon weakness guides hold the answers.

Dark Pokémon counters

As for specific Pokémon to use as a counter for dark-types, we suggest the likes of Scyther, Hitmonlee, and Clefable. We also have some suggestions from each generation below:

While we consider those to be reliable as bug, fighting, and fairy-types, respectively, it’s vital that you consider the secondary type of a hybrid ‘mon, for they could, in theory, be weak to dark or do little damage with those attacks.

Furthermore, when using Sylveon, for example, make sure to strike the dark Pokémon with a fairy-type attack – using one of its available psychic attacks isn’t going to do much damage against a dark-type. Plus, if you use a Pokémon like Gardevoir, you open yourself up to a potentially dangerous counter-attack as psychic Pokémon are weak to dark moves.

On the flip side, Grimmsnarl’s second typing is dark, meaning it’s highly resistant to dark attacks and can cause a lot of damage with its fairy-type moves.

Why is dark weak to bug?

If we had to hazard a guess, we’d say that the fact that bugs tend to come out at night and may have superior vision in the dark is part of why dark Pokémon are weak to bug Pokémon. Beyond that, maybe dark creatures naturally fear bugs, which is a common thing among humans – just ask Misty.

Dark Pokemon weakness: The dark, ghost, and psychic icons in front of a black background

What are dark Pokémon resistances?

Dark Pokémon are resistant to dark-, ghost-, and psychic-type moves. So, psychic Pokémon and ghost Pokémon like Alakazam and Gengar won’t be as effective against you as they’d like to be, and neither will any dark-type ‘mon like Obstagoon.

Dark Pokemon weakness: the ghost and psychic icons in front of a black background

What are dark Pokémon strengths?

  • Ghost Pokémon
  • Psychic Pokémon

Dark Pokémon are super effective ghost- and psychic-types. As such, the likes of Gengar, Hoopa, Gardevoir, and Jynx really struggle against dark-type ‘mon.

However, do remember that the likes of Sableye are a dark-type with a secondary ghost-type, meaning Gengar could pull off a devastating comeback should you not be careful. You’re best off using a dark Pokémon such as Obstagoon and Umbreon in a situation like that.

If you want to know what other types these poor ‘mon are weak to, take a look at our psychic Pokémon weakness and ghost Pokémon weakness guides.

What is a dark Pokémon?

It’s really easy to tell whether or not a Pokémon is a dark-type, thanks to their appearance. You see, most of them, such as Umbreon and Obstagoon, have black fur to some degree, or maybe a dark grey, and this tends to be a sign that they’re dark creatures. Another example is Murkrow and Hunchkrow, as while they don’t have black feathers, they are a midnight blue color, which is also a color that’s highly associated with darkness – the clue is in the name, really.

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