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Project Sekai download guide for mobile and PC 2024

With our Project Sekai download guide, you can find out how to get the game on your platform of choice, whether that’s iOS, Android, PC, or all of the above.

Project Sekai download: Promotional art of Hatsune Miku from the Project Sekai Colorful Stage Championship 2023.

Hatsune Miku and her friends are waiting for you to join them and express your true feelings through music in Sekai. Luckily, our Project Sekai download guide is here to help, so you can find out how to install Project Sekai across all of your devices, mobile or otherwise. Once you’re set up, we’ve got a guide to all of the Project Sekai characters to help you settle in.

The characters are what really make Project Sekai a wonderful game, and you get to know the characters through their cards. Why not check out our list of all the Project Sekai cards to help you know where to start? We also have a Project Sekai events guide to get you up to speed on all the new stories, gachas, and login campaigns available.

Right, let’s get on to how to download Project Sekai on all of your devices.

Project Sekai download: All four members of Leo/need in School Sekai with Miku. From left to right, Shiho, Ichika, Miku, Saki, and Honami.

Project Sekai Android download

If you’re an Android use this is how you download Project Sekai:

  • Go to Google Play
  • Visit its official game page
  • Tap install

Project Sekai iOS download

iOS users need to follow a similar process to Android players to download Project Sekai:

  • Visit the App Store
  • Find the official game page
  • Press install
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Project Sekai PC download

If you want to download and play Project Sekai on PC, we suggest you do so through Bluestacks, but make sure you pay attention to the information that the emulator provides you with.

There you have it, everything you need to know to download Project Sekai for yourself. While you’re at it, why not check out our list of the best rhythm games on mobile to keep the party going?