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Go Super Saiyan as PUBG Mobile unites with Dragon Ball Super

Son Goku and friends want a taste of the battlegrounds winner, winner, chicken dinner as Dragon Ball Super collabs once again with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super collaboration poster with characters from both the anime and the game

PUBG Mobile recently revealed a new collaboration with much-loved anime, Dragon Ball Super, which sees some of the show’s iconic characters make their way to the battlegrounds. Starting today and running until July 31, you can get your hands on all-new Dragon Ball Super character sets, outfits, voice packs, and much more, as well as a fresh prize path and the debut of IP-themed home figures.

Both Vegito and Bulma now have their own character sets, and the PUBG Mobile cosmetics don’t stop there, as updated versions of the previously featured Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta character sets are returning. If you missed out the first time around, don’t fret, because you’ll now be able to beef up your collections with exclusive items and sets with this extended collaboration.

If you really want to go over 9,000 with the cosmetics, PUBG Mobile is bringing out its first-ever permanent IP collaboration feature collection for the home mode. This means you can collect and then proudly display Dragon Ball Super characters like Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and, of course, Son Goku, as well as iconic locations like the Kame house.

PUBG Mobile is also upgrading the prize path with 40 new reward levels, so you can complete missions to level up and collect points to unlock even more Dragon Ball Super goodies. You’ll be able to take on missions before unlocking the prize path, meaning even if you don’t want to get your hands on it immediately (but honestly, why wouldn’t you?), you can still progress through the path and receive all of the tasty rewards once you’ve purchased it.

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Once you’ve stormed through the prize path, or gathered enough crate vouchers as level rewards, you’ll then be able to unlock selection crates to choose a reward for all your hard work. After reaching levels 20 and 40 respectively, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose one character set as your level reward, so you’re guaranteed some Super Saiyan cosmetics, and collecting specific items also unlocks additional goodies like avatars, stickers, and much more.

If all of that isn’t enough, between June 7 and July 9, you can storm through the Dragon Ball Super matching game to earn exclusive rewards, including the Mai style set, trial voice packs, and the four-star ball home figure. We just love it when a collaboration goes all out, and the PUBG Mobile partnership with Dragon Ball Super is giving you plenty to sink your teeth into once you drop into the battlegrounds.

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