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Take it to the dirt track in the new PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode

It’s time to prove your driving skills in the new PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode, with a new way to take a break from endless battle royale rounds.

Official promo art for PUBG Mobile off-road racing with multiple characters shooting guns

Get ready to burn some rubber and taste some dirt, with the new PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode bringing bumpy road racing to one of our favorite mobile battle royale games. This isn’t the rally driving from your dad’s Colin McRae PS1 games, though, this is PUBG Mobile rally racing, so expect gunfire galore as you try and make your way to the finish line. Oh, and skydiving, apparently. Expect skydiving, too.

Pitting four teams of four against each other across driving, skydiving, and shooting challenges to determine a winner, the new off-road racing challenge offers high-speed and high-octane thrills to get a break from the drudgery of PUBG Mobile battle royale gameplay. The format sees you leap from the skies down into Miramar before speeding through checkpoints and firing down targets to make it to the finish line first. It’s not exactly a straight race, but it is one to test your skills across different mechanics.

If you want to get behind the wheel for yourself, the PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode is available to play in the game right now. Better still, those who take part can pick up some exclusive rewards, regardless of whether you come out on top or not. If all that isn’t enough, you can check out some pros taking on the new challenge in the upcoming Asian Games, with the fresh game mode in use as the tournament format for potential gold medal winners.

It’s little surprise to see the arrival of off-road racing in PUBG Mobile, with the mobile title bringing in all sorts of engaging game modes and ways to play since its release. Just in the last year, we’ve had the addition of the creative World of Wonder mode, dinosaur-hunting in Dinogrounds, and much more. That isn’t even mentioning some of the big collaborations, with Dragon Ball Super heroes, a bunch of Lamborghini supercars, and even soccer superstar Lionel Messi arriving in-game.

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With that, you’re up to date on the arrival of the new PUBG Mobile Off-Roading Racing mode. To burn some more rubber, check out our picks for the best mobile racing games and car games.