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Puzzle & Dragons Chainsaw Man collab puts Denji in the dungeon

Puzzle & Dragons’ Chainsaw Man crossover is the latest event in the match-three RPG, introducing powerful Devil Hunters to the dungeon.

Puzzle and Dragons Chainsaw Man: Makima's character splash art outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Chainsaw Man match 3 background

Rip your way through challenging dungeons with the Devil Hunters in the Puzzle & Dragons Chainsaw Man collaboration event. Characters from the top-rated shonen anime series make their debut in GungHo’s puzzle RPG for a limited time.

The iconic match 3 game Puzzle & Dragons is known for its incredible, off-the-wall collabs with all kinds of franchises. In the past we’ve seen crossovers with Final Fantasy, Hatsune Miku, Sanrio, and Monster Hunter, as well as some stranger picks like the convenience store 7-Eleven. Chainsaw Man’s leading man Denji joins the list of crossover characters in this event, alongside Aki, Power, Makima, and more.

Make a contract with your very own devil by completing the four new collab dungeons to earn awesome rewards like Pochita medals and pulls for the collab Memorial Egg Machine. Take on the Devil Hunter Colosseum in single-player mode or with three friends to challenge yourself as assists are restricted.

When is the Puzzle & Dragons Chainsaw Man collab?

Denji and friends are available in Puzzle & Dragons from now until February 12, 2024. Make sure to play daily to take advantage of the login rewards for more free pulls!

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