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All Ragnarok Origin classes

Check out our guide to all the Ragnarok Origin classes, their promotions, and what each profession specializes in.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two characters fighting with sword and magic

Fancy starting a new adventure in a sprawling RPG? Well, we’re here to help you pick which of the Ragnarok Origin classes is right for you and to give a quick outline as to what each class can do, and subsequent promotions for each option.

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All Ragnarok Origin classes

There are seven different classes you can choose from, each with varying jobs underneath them. You can then get promotions on your chosen path. These classes pertain to different weapon and attack types, skills, and abilities, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of your playstyle.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two swordsman looks


  • First path promotions: Knight, Lord Knight, and then Rune Knight
  • Second path promotions: Crusader, Paladin, and then Royal Guard

The Swordsman class specializes in physical damage and has high defense levels – essentially, it’s a tank class. Both paths (Knight and Crusader) work at close range, though the Knight can use taunts, and the Crusader has healing and support capabilities.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two archer looks available in the game


  • First path promotions: Hunter, Sniper, Ranger
  • Second path promotions: Dancer and then Gypsy (female) or Bard and then Minstrel (male)

Archers deal ranged damage and can trap enemies if you choose the Hunter path. This class doesn’t have the best defense, but if you go for Dancer/Bard, you can use buffs and debuffs to weaken your opponent.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two merchant looks available in the game


  • First path promotions: Blacksmith, Mastersmith, and then Mechanic
  • Second path promotions: Alchemist and then Biochemist

Merchants are an interesting class. They have support and attack skills but focus on creating weapons and money. The Blacksmith path allows you to create weapons and improve durability, whereas the Alchemist makes bombs and potions to help in battle.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two acolyte looks available in the game


  • First path promotions: Priest, High Priest, and then Archbishop
  • Second path promotions: Monk, Champion, and then Shura

Your Acolyte class, and both Priest and Monk paths, focus on healing and applying buffs to your character. In the later promotions, you can also resurrect fallen units. Acolytes aren’t that great for damage, though, so keep that in mind.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two thief looks available in the game


  • First path promotions: Assassin, Assassin Cross, and then Guillotine Cross
  • Second path promotions: Rogue and then Stalker

This class is all about stealth and mobility. Thieves deal physical damage and make use of dodge skills to lessen the damage they take due to their low defense capabilities. Rogues use ranged attacks, whereas Assassins specialize in closer (and sneaky) attacks. Oh, and they can poison enemies, too.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two mage looks available in the game


  • First path promotions: Wizard, High Wizard, and then Warlock
  • Second path promotions: Sage and then Professor

As the name may suggest, Mages and their subsequent promotions are magical attackers. The class has low defense, but you get plenty of healing, buffing, and crowd-control skills to use to offset any damage. As you progress further, you can use wind, lightning, and fire attacks as a Wizard and support skills as a Sage.

Ragnarok Origin classes - two apprentice looks available in the game


  • Promotions: To-Be-Summoner, Summoner, and then Grand Summoner

This class uses nature-based attacks and has high agility stats. They can use ranged and melee offense, ensuring they’re a convenient and versatile choice in battle.

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When can I level up my Ragnarok Origin class?

Your first promotion in your chosen class comes when you hit base and job level 40. After that, you need to make it to base level 70 and job level 40 to reach your next promotion. In the future, we may get more class types and promotion levels in Ragnarok Origin, as Gravity added some after release.

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