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New Dress to Impress codes for July 2024

Here are all the new Roblox Dress to Impress codes for summer so you can expand your wardrobe and create a smashing new look for free.

Dress to Impress codes - two girls against a pink background with a blue flower on it

What are the new Dress to Impress codes? We’ve got you. These codes grant exclusive clothing pieces for you to style as you strut along the catwalk, creating themed outfits. The better your outfit, the higher you rank, and the more stars you get – the higher your stars, the more fashionable you are. Get out there and strike a pose.

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Here are all the new Dress to Impress codes:

  • LANATUTU – a skirt (new!)
  • ITSJUSTNICHOLAS – a reward (new!)
  • M3RM4ID – a reward (new!)
  • C4LLMEHH4LEY – a reward (new!)
  • CHOOPIE10K – a reward (new!)
  • SWEETHEART – a dress
  • IBELLASLAY – a dyed hairstyle
  • ASHLEYBUNNI – bunny slippers
  • IBELLASLAY – special hairstyle
  • SUBM15CY – pearl necklace and eyelashes
  • LABOOTS – two pairs of boots
  • LANA – a new outfit
  • TEKKYOOZ – a new outfit
  • LEAHASHE – Pink top and pants
  • LANABOW – Pink bow accessory

Expired DTI codes:


How to redeem Dress to Impress codes in the Roblox game

How do I redeem Dress to Impress codes?

Redeeming these codes in Dress to Impress is super easy, just follow these steps:

  • Open up Dress to Impress in Roblox
  • Click the button on the left-hand side with asterisks on it
  • Type or paste in a code one at a time
  • Hit the tick next to it

There you go, new clothes to try on.

What are DTI codes?

These handy DTI codes come from Dress to Impress’ creator, Gigi, who appears to make them in collaboration with influencers. Each code gives you exclusive clothing items to wear in the game, expanding your overflowing wardrobe.

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