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Ragnarok Origin codes April 2024

Here’s our up-to-date list of all the available Ragnarok Origin codes and what goodies you can get in the mobile game.

Ragnarok Origin codes - characters from the game against a blue sky

April 15, 2024: We checked our Ragnarok Origin codes list.

Ragnarok Origin Global is now available, and we’re excited to dive in. To help get you started on your adventure, grab all the Ragnarok Origin codes here for plenty of pet coupons, character tickets, money, and much more. The Global version of the game is a sequel to Ragnarok Origin, out now in most territories.

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Here are all the new Ragnarok Origins codes:

  • ROOEASTERDAY – super pet coupon, a lucky candy, and a speedy candy
  • ROOEXPLORER – free rewards
  • ROOPOWERUP – summon ticket, a gym pass, and 20 ship tickets
  • ROOOBT – super pet coupon, two purple star coins, and two blue star coins
  • ROOBLISSFUL – free rewards
  • ROOGIFTCODE – free rewards
  • ROOADVENTURE – free rewards
  • ROOFANTASTIC – free rewards
  • ROOTOP – free rewards
  • ROO2024 – free rewards
  • ROOVIVA – free rewards
  • ROODC100KMEMBERS – free rewards
  • ROOBEGINS – free rewards
  • ROODC50KMEMBERS – free rewards
  • ROODC100KMEMBERS – free rewards
  • ROOSHIPWRECK – free rewards
  • ROOIZLUDE – free rewards
  • ROOALBERTA – free rewards
  • ROOCOMINGSOON – free rewards
  • ROOMORROC – free rewards
  • ROODCSURPRISE – free rewards
  • ROODCBONUSGIFT – free rewards
  • ROOADVENTURE – free rewards
  • ROO1445 – free rewards
  • ROOFOREVER – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • LETSGOROO – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • ROO666 – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • ROO777 – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • ROO888 – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • ROO999 – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium
  • ROOVIP – one pet coupon, one oridecon, and one elunium


These are the most recently expired Ragnarok Origin Global codes. There are a lot of older, expired codes, so if you don’t see it on this list or in the active list, chances are the code won’t work.

  • ROO2023

How to redeem Ragnarok Origin codes in the game

How do I use Ragnarok Origins codes?

Using all these codes in Ragnarok Origins is easy – once you get past a certain point. You need to get to level 20 before the function unlocks, though this is easily done.

  • Click the present-shaped Rewards box in the top right
  • Hit the redeem option
  • Paste or type in a code one at a time and hit confirm

Any rewards you get will be in your mailbox.

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What are Ragnarok Origins codes?

Since Gravity initially released Ragnarok Origins the game has had tons of codes, though a lot of them don’t work. The working codes give you plenty of freebies including pet summoning tickets, XP items, potions, cash, and key items needed to level up both your character and weapon.

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