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Improve your accuracy and comfort with 65% off the Razer Raiju controller

The Razer Raiju Android gaming controller is now just $52.95 on Amazon.

A Razer Raiju gaming controller with a mobile phone mounted and ready to play.

The world of mobile gaming is a world of vast experiences, with gamers of many different backgrounds finding that they can happily spend hundreds of hours playing on their phone. Still, as many players will openly admit, touch screen controls can often pale in comparison to the precision you can get with a traditional controller. For those wishing to make a change, the Razer Raiju mobile gaming controller is now 65% off, bringing the price down to just $52.95.

The Razer Raiju mobile gaming controller has been designed ergonomically, helping you to avoid those pesky hand cramps that can come from holding your phone during a long gaming session. You can also map out the button functionality however you want, ensuring that the layout suits both your hands and your gaming style.

With this, gamers who enjoy replaying the classics on emulators, or who play more demanding games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Call of Duty: Mobile or Fortnite can do so with all the same levels of comfort and control that they would have on the PC or console counterparts. No more worrying that the game is going to misregister a command because the tip of your finger is just a little bit bigger than designers anticipated.

It is unclear exactly how long Razer Raiju is going to remain available at this price, so if you’re thinking about buying one, make sure that you don’t wait too long.

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