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Roblox creator - earn real money with your creations

Wondering what the key to a successful creative endeavour in Roblox is? This guide contains everything you need to know about how Roblox creators make money

Various Roblox creators in a pizza restaurant, queueing for pizzas.

So, you want to make the step up from just a regular old Roblox player to a bona fide Roblox creator? Well, it’s not easy to become a successful creator, but you should be able to make some decent progress by learning a few of our handy tips. If you want to go from earning a few Robux here and there to earning actual money, then you’ve come to the right place.

Becoming a Roblox creator essentially means you want to be able to create something in the game that other people can spend money on. Depending on the popularity of your game or clothing items, this can lead to you making real money. Getting to this point is incredibly difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. Even if you don’t end up making money from your Roblox creations, you should pick up plenty of helpful skills on your creative journey.

You may have already looked at some of our creative guides, including Roblox shirt template and Roblox scripts. We highly recommend checking out these guides because they’ll give you a rough idea of what to expect as a Roblox creator.

Everything you need to know about being a Roblox creator

Getting started as a Roblox creator

First, you need to establish what you want to create. It’s important to study successful Roblox products in order to work out why people are drawn to them. If you’re focused purely on making money, you may want to steer away from creating your own range of clothes. There are a few successful Roblox fashion designers, but these types of creators are extremely rare.

Though you can make some Robux selling clothes, it’s very easy to have your designs stolen by bots on the avatar shop. There’s very little you can do to combat this, and the competitive nature of the Roblox clothing creators means you will likely have to sell your designs for the bare minimum amount of just five Robux. Again, it’s not impossible to make some money in this business, but it won’t bring in anywhere near the money as creating your own game will.

The most effective way of making consistent money in Roblox involves designing your own game. Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult method due to the amount of time it takes to learn how to make a great game. If you do have a smash hit on your hands, you can sell Game Passes at any price you see fit. We’ve highlighted ways for you to do exactly this in our Roblox free Robux guide

Creating your own game as a Roblox creator

Part of what makes Roblox so special is the ability to create your own custom games without spending a penny. Our Roblox games list highlights some of the best games on the platform available right now. Learning the key components into what makes a great game is vital to understanding how people make money from Roblox.

Games like Roblox Piggy, the Peppa Pig-inspired horror game, and the reality simulator, Welcome to Bloxburg, perfectly encapsulates your freedom to build any type of game. Try to play these types of games with the mindset of a game developer. Think about what makes these games so addictive in the first place, and why someone might want to spend money on a Game Pass for it.

The Roblox Developer hub is perfect for any up-and-coming game devs looking to make their start. Here you’ll find free online lessons and courses designed to teach you the fundamentals of development. You’ll start off creating small objects and eventually learn how to use that same object in a game.

No one said becoming a Roblox creator would be easy, but if you stick at it and really hone your skills, one day you could create a Roblox game everyone wants to play. You can download a free copy of Roblox over on the App Store and Google Play. Would you rather play than create? In that case we recommend checking out our picks for the best Roblox games here.