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Get ready for Super Bowl LVI with NFL Tycoon on Roblox

Why wait until Super Bowl Sunday to get in the mood? Hop into the metaverse and try out Roblox’s NFL Tycoon experience

A football pitch with the Bengal's logo

It’s that time of year, people, you know, where sports fans worldwide gear up for one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Come Sunday, millions upon millions of people worldwide will watch the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams duke it out in the Super Bowl (my team is the 49ers, so I’m rooting for the California-based team). However, with Roblox’s NFL Tycoon, there’s no need to wait. The new metaverse experience offers you everything an NFL fan could want.

The Roblox NFL Tycoon game lets you build your own team, combining tycoon and simulation genres to give you complete control. Not only can you make a team, but you can also play. Everything in this world screams American football (or just football). Better yet, NFL Tycoon is hosting virtual live events, all of which coincide with the real-life calendar for the NFL season.

Furthermore, suppose you happen to enjoy destruction. In that case, NFL Tycoon gives you the chance to quell those urges with Destructive House, an interactive event that tasks you with rioting through a neighbourhood to destroy a house – I’ve always wanted to dive through a window shouting ‘touchdown’. Doing so unlocks some virtual goodies, all of which take inspiration from the Bengals and the Rams.

“We see Roblox as an extension of NFL’s real-life engagement platforms for emerging social connectivity where fans can learn the game and business side of NFL football,” NFL SVP consumer products Joe Ruggerio says. “This is a new frontier of how fan engagement will evolve for the League, and we are excited to be a part of this dynamic space that will continuously evolve over time with new experiences.”

An NFL football feed

What is NFL Tycoon?

NFL Tycoon welcomes NFL fans into a virtual world that lives and breathes American football. You can enjoy live events, build your own team, and meet like-minded people just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

When is the Roblox NFL Tycoon release date?

NFL Tycoon is out now, so get out there and score some touchdowns. Or, if you prefer to call the shots, try not to get sacked.

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