Nikeland codes – prizes, outfits, and smileys

Get your 30 minutes of daily exercise in with Roblox's Nikeland, and look good doing it with the freebies provided by these Nikeland codes

An avatar running down a track

November 30, 2021 We added one new Nikeland code

Everybody wants a piece of Roblox, from players to creators. It’s a place everyone can come together to celebrate their love of games. Well, it turns out Nike now wants in on the action as well. Introducing Nikeland, a magical place where you can exercise without removing your tushy from that comfy spot on the couch. Fancy playing some basketball? Go ahead. Want to play tag on trampolines? You can. Whatever you want to do in this sporty paradise, just do it!

Of course, no one wants to look bad when exercising, if you want to wear some nice threads, that’s where our Nikeland codes list comes in. However, it’s not just the clothes on your back that are important. You need to plaster a smile on your face, too – hide the hatred you really feel at running laps and jumping hurdles. These codes provide you with a range of items from track prizes to different smileys and, of course, Nike merch.

Roblox is a huge place, and if playing sports virtually sounds just as tiring as actual exercise, you should take a look at our list of the best Roblox games and Roblox horror games to see what else is out there. We also have similar content available in the form of Grand Piece Online codes, True Piece codes, Squid Game codes, and UFO Simulator codes guides.

Nikeland codes

Active codes:

  • rainbow – rainbow item (new!)
  • firstlap – track prize
  • Smile – a winking smiley and cute smiley

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired Nikeland codes.

A view of an athletics park

What are Nikeland codes?

These jumbles of letters provide you with a range of freebies courtesy of the developer. New codes are made available whenever Nikeland reaches a new milestone, so bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest Nikeland goodies.

How do I redeem Nikeland codes?

Redeeming Nikeland codes is simple enough. Just follow these steps:

  • Launch Nikeland
  • Hit the promo button on the left side of the screen
  • Enter your code
  • Hit confirm
  • Enjoy your freebie

And those are all the available freebies in Nikeland. If you need a break from training for the virtual Olympics, you can check out our picks for the best mobile shooters. Or, if you’re after a bit more encouragement, check out our list of the best mobile horror games – they’re sure to get you running.

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