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Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes

Get some free potions and boosters with these Roblox Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes, so you can chip your way through even more ore

Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes: A miner surrounded by pets and pickaxes

April 11, 2023: We checked for new Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes

Become a smashing success with our Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes – equip potions to yourself for more crystals, luck, and damage! The more crystals you mine, the more pets you can buy, and the more pickaxes. These of course mean you can mine even faster, earning more crystals. It’s an addictive loop to get stuck into, especially when you discover all the new zones and different worlds added in by Pickaxe Boy Games.

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Here are all the Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes

Active codes

  • twitter – free potion
  • goodbye – free potion
  • update10 – free potion
  • super25klikes – free potion
  • woah5kmembers – free double gem potion
  • update8 -free potion
  • update9 – free potion
  • update7 -free potion
  • insane20klikes – free potion
  • update6 – double damage potion
  • visits8m – double damage potion
  • mega15klikes – free potion
  • visits5m – damage potion
  • insane10klikes – double damage potion
  • Update5 – free potion
  • yay7500likes – double damage potion
  • Woo5000likes – two luck potions
  • Visits2m – two crystal boost potions
  • Likes1000thx – x2 damage potions
  • Release – 1K crystals
  • Update2 – two crystal boost potions
  • Update1 – two crystal boost potions
  • Wow500likes – free potion

You can also follow the developer on Twitter for a 10% gem bonus.

Expired codes
There are currently no expired Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes.

The Pickaxe Mining Simulator code redemption box in the menu screen

How do I use Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes?

Using these handy dandy codes is super simple, just follow these steps and the freebies will be yours:

  • Open up Pickaxe Mining Simulator in Roblox
  • Click the rainbow-coloured Shop icon on the left-hand side
  • Hit the Twitter icon at the bottom of the menu
  • Enter the code and click submit

That’s all we have for Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes for now, but keep checking back as we’ll update this page when more come out. In the meantime, check out our Genshin Impact codes, and My Singing Monsters breeding guide for more gaming goodies.