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Rocket League servers

Here you can find out if there are any current problems with the Rocket League servers, and if so, when you can expect them to be up and running again

Rocket League cars chasing a ball on the pitch

If you’re an avid Rocket League player, you likely enjoy the online aspects, all of which rely on Rocket League servers. Unfortunately, like all games with multiplayer and online features, there are occasions when the service is down for a variety of reasons, and here we intend to keep you up to date with whether or not the servers are currently down.

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Anyway, here’s what’s going on with the Rocket League servers.

An orange hatchback with an axe in the roof alongside a supercar with a wizard hat on flying through the air in a fantastical scene from Rocket League

Are the Rocket League servers down?

No, the Rocket League servers are currently functional. However, if you experience issues at a later date, check back here, as we’ll be sure to let you know about any issues and when you can expect them to be resolved.

You may also want to check out the Rocket League Status account on Twitter, as it’s the official source for any service issues with the game.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Rocket League Servers. Now, if you’re after something else to play, make sure you pull up alongside our car games guide.