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Royale High diamonds – how to find them

Our Roblox Royale High diamonds guide is here to help you bring some sparkle to school, and get all the jewels you need on your Royale High adventure.

Royale High diamonds: two roblox avatars look like princesses in sparkly outfits

Roblox Royale High diamonds are a huge part of the experience, and you’ll need to gather some jewels like some sort of greedy magpie if you ever want to get ahead in the game. This exciting Roblox experience lets you dress up in fun outfits alongside your pals, but you know that diamonds are a girl’s real best friend.

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What are Royale High diamonds?

Royale High diamonds are a currency within the Roblox game Royale High. You can earn them through regular gameplay, and they’re essential to the in-game economy, allowing you to buy items.

Royale High diamonds: a scenic view shows a beautiful castle and a rainbow

How do I get Royale High diamonds?

There are several ways to earn Royale High diamonds, and we’ll break them down here:

Buy Royale High diamonds from the Robux shop

A simple one, you can simply exchange your Robux for diamonds in the Royale High shop. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on the diamond icon on the right side of the screen, next to your balance.
  • Select the number of diamonds you want to purchase
  • Click purchase

Level up your character

Simply play through the game and complete tasks to earn XP and level up, Royale High rewards you with diamonds as you level up, so complete those tasks and stock up.

Visit the Royale High fountain

The Enchantix High fountain occasionally produces diamonds, so it’s worth checking it regularly to see what treasures it holds. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the map and press teleport
  • Head to Enchantrix High and click visit
  • Walk towards the fountain
  • Check the top of the fountain for a chance to find diamonds

Search chests

An easy one, whenever you discover a chest make sure you interact with it for a slim chance to find diamonds.

Royale High diamonds: two roblox avatars look like princesses in sparkly outfits

Win the supreme royalty competition

Once a day you can enter the supreme royalty competition. Much like a high-school prom, players choose one individual from a selection of different users to be the supreme royalty every day. Make sure you enter, as Royale High rewards the winner with 500 diamonds.

Take part in the Royale Universe pageant

It’s easy to take part in the royale universe pageant, just follow these steps:

  • Travel to Sunset Island
  • Select ‘sign up to enter the pageant’
  • On the ‘teleport to the sign-up board’ menu click yes
  • Now, click on the sign-up board to enter the pageant
  • Depending on how you place, the game rewards you with some diamonds!

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