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Kyle wanders into Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Not only is Kyle available in Seven Knights Idle Adventure, but so is Mulan, as well as an extra 800 stages to sink your teeth into.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Kyle key art showing a man and a woman posing next to each other in front of a night sky

Seven Knights Idle Adventure’s Kyle makes his debut, and trust us when we say you want to recruit the latest playable character. Kyle is one of The Four Lords of Old, meaning he’s kind of a big deal – so it’s hardly surprising that he appears to be a formidable character, specializing in melee combat.

As for his specific skills, his shackled grave ability gives him stealth, allowing him to sneak up on the enemy, which translates into a powerful attack that’s sure to put an end to the opposition, and if it doesn’t, the bind debuff affliction will certainly help. Kyle can use the night stalker skill to increase his critical hit and attack speed, making him quite proficient in close combat. Yeah, we can’t wait to see where he lands on our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list.

Beyond Kyle, you can also sink your teeth into a new battle system that is set to update every 14 days, helping to ensure you have a constant flow of rewards and goodies. As with a lot of mobile games with this system, there are both free and premium passes, and the latter tends to have rarer items.

You can also look forward to 800 new stages and the introduction of a legendary hero, Mulan – if she’s as badass as the Disney heroine, we can’t wait to go on an adventure with her.

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