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Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list

Our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list is here to help you build the strongest team with the best units, and lets you know whether a reroll is worthwhile.

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Grab your gems and summon tickets, it’s time for us to dive into our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list, in which we rank all the heroes from the best to the worst. After all, the game may have ‘idle’ in the name, but you’ve still gotta build up the strongest team you can if you want to mow down those fearsome foes and reap the rewards. And, in case you don’t get the heroes you want, we also dive into whether performing a Seven Knights Idle Adventure reroll is worth your time.

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Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list

Below, you can find rankings for all the Seven Knights Idle Adventure characters we’ve come across so far. Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective, and meant as a guideline only – they’re also likely to change in the future as new updates, characters, and content comes out.

Tier Seven Knights Idle Adventure character
SS Rudy, Weiser, Seaton, Aris, Sizar, Ballista, Bane, Bathory, Kyrielle, Lu Bu, Mirage, Ryan, Orly, Karl Heron, Roro
S Rachel, Snolled, Harmal, Lucrezia, Lania, Clemyth, Orkah, Misha, Isabella, Karin, Elke, Chancellor, Noho, Knox, Hayoung
A Spike, Kris, Dellons, Eileene, Java, Meg, Sylvia, Velika, Sebastian, Black Rose, Aleem, Yuri, Evan, Hellenia, Jupy, Yui, Karon, Alice, Chloe, Ming Ming, Howl
B Jane, Ellen, Nia, Shane, May, Heavenia, Ariel, Snipper, Atalanta, Ponpo, Aragon, Rook, Victoria, Lucy, Joker, Popo, Ahri, Nami, Cleo, Jak, Wendy, Archon, Guppy, Alli, Baron, Happy, Spina, Ingrid
C Sara, Ellin, Ruri, Espada, Sieg, Li, Halo, Hokin, Pepe, Beskin, Pon, Pooki, Raccoon, Smoky, Cocoon, Leo, Rowl, Raul, Cooper, Derik, Charles, Skud, Skull, Bella, Jas, Loto, Toto, Kai, Frose, Fruna, Sarah, Clops, Aaron, Rei
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Can I perform a Seven Knights Idle Adventure reroll?

Performing a reroll in Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a bit of a pain in the butt, if we’re honest. This is primarily because the game makes you sign in before you can play, meaning that all of your progress is linked to the email you logged in with. Therefore, you can’t do the usual wipe data or uninstall trick before linking your account, which is how rerolling usually works in other games.

Essentially, the only way to ‘reroll’ in this game is to log out completely, then start a new game with a fresh email, Google, or Facebook account. And, considering how many gems and pulls you get from progressing in the game, and the fact that you need to do a lot of pulls before you can even access the limited banners, we don’t think this is really worth the effort.

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