Skyrim dragon names, types, and locations

Whether you have a favourite Skyrim dragon or not, we’ve got a list of all of them and their locations so you can hunt them down in Bethesda’s open-world RPG

Skyrim dragon: a knight in spiky, ornate, full body armour holds a sword and shield in from of a dragon, fire gurgling in its mouth, reading to breathe, in art from Skyrim.

Skyrim dragons are so iconic they’re almost synonymous with the game. I remember playing the game for the first time in school, aged 13, sitting in physics class. My old Compaq laptop doing its best to stay quiet while I failed to learn any physics. I remember seeing a dragon in Skyrim. It’s not unlikely that I may have gasped.

So, with all the different types of Skyrim dragon available, and their iconic intrinsicness to the game itself, it only makes sense to write about them. If you are reading this in physics while playing Skyrim, we can help with even more stuff, too. We’ve got Skyrim marriage for all you lovers, Skyrim enchanting for all the magical, and Skyrim followers for all the lonely.

Here we go then, some stuff about our scaly Skyrim dragon friends. Lovely.

Skyrim dragon: A dragon flues in a wintry sky above a large mountain pass on which a horned-helmeted soldier stands in a screenshot from Skyrim.Skyrim dragon names

Here we’ve got the famous Skyrim dragons, i.e. the ones with names.

Name Location
Alduin Sovngarde
Durnehviir Soul Cairn
Krosulhah Nchardak
Kruziikrel Black Book: Waking Dreams
Mirmulnir Western Watchtower
Naaslaarum Forgotten Vale
Nahagliiv Rorikstead
Odahviing Dragonsreach
Paarthurnax Throat of the World
Relonikiv Apocrypha
Sahloknir Kynesgrove
Sahrotaar Apocrypha
Viinturuth Anga’s Mill
Voslaarum Forgotten Vale
Vuljotnaak Great Henge Resurrection
Vulthuryol Blackreach

Skyrim dragon: Tall pine trees line a dusty path with dotted stones and a stony mound ahead, with tall, silhouetted mountains below a golden skySkyrim dragon types

Below you can find the different types of generic Skyrim dragon. These can appear in different colours and with different types of breath, as detailed below.

Dragon Breath
Dragon Fire/Frost
Ancient Dragon Fire/Frost
Elder Dragon Fire/Frost
Frost Dragon Frost
Legendary Dragon Fire/Frost
Revered Dragon Fire
Serpentine Dragon Fire/Frost
Skeletal Dragon Frost

Skyrim dragon: a dragon breathes fire on a shield bearing warrior in Skyrim.Skyrim dragon lairs

Here’s where Skyrim dragons are guaranteed to appear.

  • Ancient’s Ascent
  • Autumnwatch Tower
  • Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Bonestrewn Crest
  • Dragontooth Crater
  • Eldersblood Peak
  • Lost Tongue Overlook
  • Mount Anthor
  • Northwind Summit
  • Saering’s Watch
  • Shearpoint
  • Skyborn Altar

There you go, some Skyrim dragon lists. Isn’t that lovely? Anyway, check out our Skyrim maps, Skyrim Serana, Skyrim cure vampirism for more stuff.