Skyrim werewolf names, types, and more

Whether you want to be a Skyrim werewolf or not, we can all agree they’re one of the more exciting fearsome elements of Bethesda’s open-world RPG

A Skyrim werewolf with jaw wide in a roar.

Skyrim werewolves are an integral part of many quests in Bethesda’s massive open-world RPG. Whether you follow the Companions questline and join the circle, or meddle in different aspects of the Hircine, the patron lycanthropic rite.

Anyway, that’s my one allotted use of ‘lycanthropic’ out of the way. Now that’s done, I get to tell you how to become a Skyrim werewolf, what other characters are werewolves, and their different types. Head below for that, or head to our Skyrim marriage, Skyrim enchanting, and Skyrim followers guides for even more lengthy details.

Skyrim werewolf

Here you can find everything related to Skyrim werewolves: their names, types, and how to become one.

A Skyrim werewolf stood on a rock with trees behind.

Skyrim werewolf names

Here are the named characters in-game who are Skyrim werewolves.

Name Location
Aela the Huntress Jorrvaskr
Farkas Jorrvaskr
Kodlak Whitemane Jorrvaskr
Skjor Jorrvaskr
Vilkas Jorrvaskr
Akar Frostmoon Crag
Hjordis Frostmoon Crag
Majni Frostmoon Crag
Rakel Frostmoon Crag
Arnbjorn Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Sinding Falkreath Jail

A Skyrim werewolf stands below a red moon is big in a red sky above tall pine trees.

Skyrim werewolf types

Here are the different types of  Skyrim werewolf. They’re all fundamentally the same, but become stronger as you move through the list, and can only be encountered at certain levels in certain silverhand locations.

  • Werewolf
  • Werewolf Savage
  • Werewolf Brute
  • Werewolf Skinwalker
  • Werewolf Beastmaster
  • Werewolf Vargr

Skyrim werewolf: a red moon is big in a red sky above tall pine trees.

How do I become a Skyrim werewolf?

The only way to become a Skyrim werewolf is to follow the Companions questline. Once you’ve started the game, follow the main quest until you reach Whiterun, then:

  • Head to Jorrvaskr, a mead hall at the bottom of the stairs to Dragonsreach next to a preacher
  • Ask around about joining the Companions
  • Start the Companions questline
  • Complete the Companions questline

By finishing the Companions questline, you can become a Skyrim werewolf. Here’s what abilities that gives you:

  • Can change into a werewolf once a day
  • This is called “beast form”, and you are more powerful
  • Only lasts two and a half minutes
  • Can be extended by feeding on humans

Don’t forget that lots of people don’t like Skyrim werewolves. Many NPCs will be terrified of you. Good luck! If that scares you, check out our Skyrim maps, Skyrim Serana, Skyrim cure vampirism for more stuff.