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Every Skyrim werewolf and how to become one

So, you're a Skyrim werewolf. Don't worry, we'll explain how to cure yourself, or if you're particularly lupine we'll explain how to become one instead.

Skyrim werewolf standing in front of a sunset background

The Skyrim werewolf is an iconic species that plays an important part in this hit, open world game from Bethesda. So, if you have a flair for the lycanthropic, you’re in the right place, as we dive into all of the Skyrim werewolves, how to become one yourself, and all the associated pros and cons.

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Here you can find everything you need to know about the illusive Skyrim werewolf, including their names, types, and how to become one.

A Skyrim werewolf stood on a rock with trees behind.

All Skyrim werewolf names

Here are the named characters in-game who are Skyrim werewolves.

Name Location
Aela the Huntress Jorrvaskr
Farkas Jorrvaskr
Kodlak Whitemane Jorrvaskr
Skjor Jorrvaskr
Vilkas Jorrvaskr
Akar Frostmoon Crag
Hjordis Frostmoon Crag
Majni Frostmoon Crag
Rakel Frostmoon Crag
Arnbjorn Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Sinding Falkreath Jail

A Skyrim werewolf stands below a red moon is big in a red sky above tall pine trees.

All Skyrim werewolf types

Here are the different types of  Skyrim werewolf. They’re all fundamentally the same but their strengths can differ, so we’ve listed them in order of strength here (from weakest to strongest). You can only encounter them at certain levels in certain silverhand locations.

  • Werewolf
  • Werewolf Savage
  • Werewolf Brute
  • Werewolf Skinwalker
  • Werewolf Beastmaster
  • Werewolf Vargr

Skyrim werewolf: a red moon is big in a red sky above tall pine trees.

How to become a Skyrim werewolf

The only way to become a Skyrim werewolf is to follow the Companions questline. Once you’ve started the game, follow the main quest until you reach Whiterun, then:

  • Head to Jorrvaskr, a mead hall at the bottom of the stairs to Dragonsreach next to a preacher
  • Ask around about joining the Companions
  • Start the Companions questline
  • Complete the Companions questline

By finishing the Companions questline, you can become a Skyrim werewolf. Here’s what abilities that gives you:

  • Can change into a werewolf once a day
  • This is called “beast form”, and you are more powerful
  • Only lasts two and a half minutes
  • Can be extended by feeding on humans

How to cure Skyrim lycanthropy

Fed up of that werewolf life? Fancy trying your hand at becoming a vampire instead? Well, never fear, Dragonborn (or should I say Wolf-born?) – you can cure lycanprothy, but this only becomes available at very the end of the Companions main questline.

In the second half of the Companions quest, you have to decapitate the Glenmorii witches. You can then burn these heads during the final quest in the Companions questline, ‘Glory of the Dead’, in order to cleanse Kodalk Whitemane’s lycanthropy. So it makes sense that, if you want to cleanse yourself of lycanthropy, you can do so by burning one of the Glenmorii witch heads for yourself. This removes your ‘beast form’ power entirely, and disables the Ring of Hircine’s main effect.

Keep in mind that if you want to become a vampire or a vampire lord, you need to cleanse yourself of lycanthropy first – and you can’t become a werewolf if you’re a vampire, either. Only one supernatural entity at a time, people.

How to become a werewolf again

Changed your mind again? Miss the nights you spent howling at the moon? Well, you really need to work on your decision making, but we’ll let you slide this time.

As long as you have the Dawngard DLC or the Skyrim Special Edition, you can become a werewolf again, even if you’ve already cleansed yourself of lycanthropy by burning the witch head. To become a werewolf again, you need to speak to Aela the Huntress in The Circle and ask her to bestow her blood to you again. 

Don’t forget that lots of people don’t like Skyrim werewolves. Many NPCs will be terrified of you. Good luck! But, if you fancy something a bit different, check out our picks for the best ARPGS and best Soulslike games on Switch and mobile.