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Smite news - get up to date with the god-like MOBA

We’ve put all the best Smite news sources together in one place so you can head into every season feeling all-knowing and all-powerful.

Smite news: promotional art shows a Smite god with large red wings and bright green horns

Need to keep up with the latest Smite newsThat’s where we come in, with our Smite news hub, detailing the best ways for you to keep up with all the content coming to Hi Rez Studio’s god-battling MOBA. Of course, with so many years of newsworthy stories behind us, we won’t be including links to anything dated, just the most relevant sources about upcoming content updates.

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Let’s dive into our Smite news guide.

Smite news hub

The latest big news from Smite is the announcement of Smite 2. That’s right: fans are finally being treated to a big, bold sequel. While we don’t have an exact release date for this much anticipated sequel, be sure to check in with us regularly as we’ll keep you updated. Or, if you want to get the lowdown on more of the latest Smite news from the horse’s mouth, your best bet is to head over to the news board on the official website to browse the latest articles. There’s also a bunch of Smite socials, including a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram profile.

Of course, if it’s updates to specific elements of the game you’re looking for, we regularly update our Smite tier list to reflect any new characters, buffs, and nerfs, as well as a Smite servers guide that has all the latest information to get you connected. We’ve also got the all-important Smite patch notes guide you need to make sure your go-to god isn’t nerfed into infinity. 

Finally, you can’t go wrong by trusting the internet and heading over to the Smite Reddit page, where you’ll find news, rumours, and the occasional leak. Or, if you’re a Steam player, you can handily pick up all the info you need from the Steam News Hub

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With that, there’s no way you can’t keep up on the latest Smite news and impress your friends with your omniscience. If you find yourself knowing too much, find another title to obsess over with our picks for the best mobile MOBAs.