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Smite tier list for June 2024

Our extensive Smite tier list has everything from eight years of competitive play to catch up on, so jump right in at the deep end.

A collection of Smite characters gathered around the adorable rat god Ratatoskr

If you’re picking up Smite in the year 2024, you’re going to need a Smite tier list. With the smash-hit MOBA now over eight years old, there’s a cascading and ever-increasing list of characters you can pick up to take into the fray, with some more well-equipped and ready for battle than others. So, we’ve put together a Smite tier list fresh for season 11 and beyond, detailing the best and boldest gods to take into the arena.

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Smite tier list 

Here is where we rank every hero in Smite from S+ down to D.

Tier Smite character
S+ Kali, Arachne, Hachiman, Sun Wukong, Thoth
S Nut, Ao Kuang, Bacchus, Bastet, Agni, Bellona, Anhur, Ares, Da Ji, Athena, Odin, Erlang Shen, Terra, Kukulkan, Nemesis, Rama, Sobek, Surtr, Yu Huang, Tiamat, Baba Yaga
A Chiron, Merlin, Pele, Ra, Ganesha, Bakasura, Ix Chel, Maui, Sylvanus, Amaterasu, Chang’e, Charon, Yemoja, Awilix, Cthulu, Lancelot, Skadi, Gilgamesh, Vamana, Janus, Morgan Le Fay, Thor, Tyr, Ravana, Hun Batz, King Arthur, Martichoras, Loki, Medusa, Neith, Mercury, Nike, Osiris, Scylla, Achilles, Susano, Ullr, Thanatos, Eset, Tsukuyomi, Xbalanque, Zeus
B Hercules, Raijin, Aphrodite, Zhong Kui, Ah Muzen Cab, Hou Yi, Anubis, Cabrakan, Jing Wei, Sol, Maman Brigitte, Camazotz, Serqet, Artemis, Fenrir, Cerberus, Atlas, Geb, Nu Wa, Chaac, Kuzenbo, Danzaburou, Fafnir, Chernobog, Horus, Vulcan, Chronos, Persephone, Freya, Heimdallr, Kumbhakarna, Cliodhna, Ishtar, Set, Cu Chulainn, Izanami, Khepri, Ne Zha, Poseidon, Ratatoskr, Shiva, The Morrigan, Xing Tian
C Baron Samedi, Ah Puch, Charybdis, Apollo, Discordia, Guan Yu, Artio, He Bo, Nox, Hel, Jormungandr
D Ymir, Cupid, Hera, Bake Kujira, Cernunnos, Hades, Mulan, Olorun
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Smite tiers explained 

As there’s so many characters, we’ve had to slightly expand the number of tiers used to create a coherent Smite tier list. Due to these expanded tiers, we thought it best to run through each ranking and explain what it means, and how viable the characters belonging to that ranking are in competitive play.

Bear in mind, however, this tier list is just based on the current meta of the game. If your favorite is in the bottom tiers, or you can’t understand why a character you hate is in S tier, it’s nothing personal! Play whatever character you enjoy the most.

  • S+ – only the best of the best Smite characters make S+ tier, and these are the gods you’re most likely to see over and over again in online play. 
  • S – Under the cream of the crop, S-rank characters are still worth playing, especially if your playstyle suits a specific S-tier character. 
  • A – Our a-tier roster is made up of some potent omnipotents, but all of them lack a certain something or have an obvious weakness, and that keeps them out of the higher echelons. 
  • B – B is bang average for this list, with all of the characters under this ranking only really viable for use if you consider yourself an expert in their playstyle. 
  • C – We don’t recommend using C rank characters unless there’s a specific reason for you wanting to use them, or if you just want to mix things up a little from your S+/S tier main. 
  • D – Unfortunately, the characters we’ve ranked at D tier just aren’t worth using, and should be avoided at all costs. 

There you have it, our Smite tier list for you to pick out a powerful character ready for competitive play. For more MOBA madness, see our League of Legends: Wild Rift guide and Wild Rift tier list