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Smurfs go multiplayer in Smurfs – Village Party this summer

Have fun with friends and family this summer in The Smurfs - Village Party and its plentiful roster of minigames.

Smurfs Village Party artwork showing different characters in the game

Who doesn’t love a good party game? We sure do, and we’re excited for the release of The Smurfs – Village Party later this year. It looks like Mario Party but with all your favorite Smurf characters, which sounds like a laugh to us.

The game comes from Microids, a studio known for titles in the Tintin, Smurfs, and Inspector Gadget franchises. The studio brings The Smurfs – Village Party to Switch on June 6, 2024. It’ll add to a great library of multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch already.

Village Party isn’t just a multiplayer game though, as there’s an adventure mode for you to get stuck into. Papa Smurf is setting up one heck of a party, and needs everyone’s help to make it a night to remember – it’s your job to assist him and find all the Smurfs, and pass out invites.

But there’s an issue – the evil Gargamel rears his head and doesn’t like the idea of a party, so you’ve got to deal with that issue as part of the single-player adventure mode. There are over 100 Smurfs for you to meet along the way, so it’s not all bad.

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The party mode has a whopping 50 minigames for you to jump into with up to four players, choosing from 19 playable Smurf characters. The minigames involve sports, speed, luck, battles, accuracy, and memory puzzles, along with lots of raucous fun as you snub your fellow players and race to be the winner.

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