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Sonic Frontiers teams up with Monster Hunter for free DLC

Sonic Frontiers’ Monster Hunter DLC is completely free and brings some hunting-themed gear to the blue bolt, alongside camping equipment for cooking up grub

Art for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers DLC, showing Sonic dressed in animal armour presenting with his hand a campfire in a wide open green plain. Sonic is a blue hedgehog, with red shoes and white gloves.

Sonic Frontiers is shaping up to be some sort of Breath of the Wild-ification of the blue bolt. With wide open plains, it’s hard to not make comparisons. One way it does differentiate itself, however, is with a bunch of DLC announcements prior to release. The latest is a collaboration with Capcom for some Monster Hunter-themed items.

Set to come out just a week after the Sonic Frontiers release date, Sega has announced some goodies, including clothes based on a Rathalos, camping gear for cooking, and an in-game mini-game (which looks to be related to cooking a big chunk of meat). The Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC is also completely free, making the collaboration just a nice bit of fun.

As an avid fan of Monster Hunter Rise, this free DLC might be enough to make me finally place my Sonic Frontiers pre-order. It comes a few months after the release of the MH Sunbreak DLC, a massive expansion that we absolutely love (check out our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review for a full rundown of our thoughts).

Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC

Below you can check out some screenshots for the Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC, as well as art for the crossover done by the Monster Hunter team.

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