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Soul Tide tier list and how to reroll

With dungeon crawling, character collection, and home simulation, find the perfect partner to experience it all with, thanks to our Soul Tide tier list

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There’s a massive amount of characters in the latest gacha-inspired title out of IQI games, so we wouldn’t blame you for needing a Soul Tide tier list to work out who suits your playstyle. As well as a wealth of dungeons to explore, and wicked witches to water down, there are a bunch of different powers and effects for each of the galavanting girls of Soul Tide to master, so picking up a champion for your first foray is a big decision. 

Fortunately, our Soul Tide tier list ranks the best and worst waifu for taking on the challenges that await. As with most dungeon crawling games, there are a couple of outliers sitting pretty at the top of the rankings table that we recommend for new players, as well as some wild card options for those who like a challenge. 

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Soul Tide tier list 

As you can see, Colcher is currently leaps and bounds above her competition as the best hero on our Soul Tide tier list. Akaset and Nicolette are particularly potent options otherwise, with Akaset holding up well for new players thanks to her tank status soaking up enemy attacks. 

Tier Soul Tide character
S Colcher 
A Akaset, Nicolette, Mako Sakuya, Ennis
B Lily Iro, Asa Hashimi, La Villa, Aurora, Netsuki, Freesia, Ruri Hagakure, Aurora, Minerdwen, Satya
C Benten Kanagi, Andrea, Juewa, 
D Juewa, Lavira, Lin, Asuna

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How do I perform a Soul Tide reroll? 

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to perform a Soul Tide reroll for better characters. You can try and get new characters, but you might have to give up what you already have in doing so. If this is a sacrifice you’re willing to make, keep reading for instructions on how to Soul Tide reroll. 

  • Log in to Soul Tide with a guest account
  • Finish the initial tutorials and prologue section to claim the pre-registration rewards 
  • Spend your tickets to try and access the character you want, if not, reset your game data and being this process again. If you get the desired character, make the guest account your new primary

Just keep in mind that every time you clear the game data, you have to download a patch to try the reroll method again. There’s no limit on the number of times you can try this, but it’s best to do it early in your playthrough, so you’re not losing out on too much progress. 

There you have it! With that, you can reroll until you find your gacha girl of preference from our Soul Tide tier list. If you notice yourself enjoying the romancing element more than the dungeon crawling in Soul Tide, why not check out our list of the best dating games on Switch and mobile for more lovely love-ins. 

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