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Splatoon 3 Side Order badges

Our guide to Splatoon 3 Side Order badges can help you tick off every achievement and adorn yourself with fancy badges.

Side Order badges - an octoling surrounded by three available badges

Achieving anything in Splatoon 3 grants you some wearables and customization options, and there are plenty of Splatoon 3 Side Order badges to collect while you try your hand at beating the Spire of Order, a foe-filled roguelike experience taking place in Inkopolis Square.

Interested in picking up the expansion? Check out our Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC review to see what we think. Then, here are all the Side Order rewards available, and the Side Order palettes you can equip.

All Splatoon 3 Side Order badges

Here are all the new badges you can earn from the Side Order DLC.

Six Splatoon 3 Side Order badges available in the game

Pearl and Marina

Pearl and Marina, both part of Off the Hook and presenters of Splatoon 2’s daily news, are available as badges. To get them, all you have to do is clear the tutorial area of the Spire, the first few levels and the boss fight.


Acht, known as Dedf1sh in the Octo Expansion, makes their debut physical appearance in Side Order, and we get a badge of their head for clearing the entire Spire for the first time – and defeating the big boss on level 30.

Pearl Drone

Once you clear the Spire with one palette, why not try them all? If you do manage to clear the tower with every palette, including the final boss, you get a cute badge in the shape of Pearl’s drone form.


Completing the tower unlocks a shop called Cipher’s Siftings, run by the latest vendor Splatoon character. Here, you can buy banners, stickers, locker decorations, and gear. For those with money burning a hole in their pocket, if you buy every single item, you get a Cipher-shaped badge.


Perhaps the Spire of Order isn’t challenging enough for you on its own – then getting this badge might do the trick. If you can make it through the tower, and defeat the final boss using Eight’s palette with four or fewer hacks active – you get this snazzy badge.

Note that you can use the Risky Rewards hack as part of this achievement, along with up to four others. To get Eight’s palette, you need to beat all bosses using every available palette. Good luck!

All the Splatoon 3 Side Order badges in the color chips set

Color Chips

As you ascend each floor, you may find yourself collecting color chips with similar hues. If you get enough and have a full color set equipped, you’ll unlock a badge with the corresponding color. There are 18 of these badges to get with three different tones correlating to each type of color chip – range, power, support, mobility, lucky, and drone.

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What are Splatoon 3 badges?

While you swim around and ink different things in Splatoon 3, you find yourself earning badges. They’re small, decorative items that show off your achievements, essentially. You can equip up to three of them on your name card at any time.

Outside of these Side Order-specific badges, you can get them for weapon freshness, player level, Salmon Run achievements, Tableturf Battle wins, and many more scenarios.

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