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All Splatoon 3 Side Order rewards

There are some cool Splatoon 3 Side Order rewards waiting for you, but how do you get them? Look no further than our guide.

Side Order rewards - two octolings wearing white clothing and holding weapons

Booyah, the roguelike Splatoon 3 DLC is here, and you can get plenty of Side Order rewards as you climb the Spire. First things first – if you haven’t completed the DLC yet, or don’t want spoilers, look away now. Still here? Good. Here are all the rewards you can get in the Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC. Remember – there’s no reward without risk, so the bigger the challenge, the bigger the rewards.

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All Splatoon 3 Side Order rewards

Here are all the different kinds of rewards you can get in the Side Order DLC. Some are for clearing a single level, whereas some require you to complete an entire run.

Splatoon 3 Side Order rewards - a color palette filled with chips, next to a picture of an octoling character

Color chips

As you select a floor to challenge, you also select a color chip to put into your palette. Each of these provides an upgrade or new ability, and if you pass the floor, you get to keep it for that run.


Whenever you finish a run in the Spire, your color chips and achievements get turned into Membux. You can spend these at Vending Machine floors to change your sub-weapon, special, and buy new color chips.


Exchange these with Marina outside the Spire for hacks that unlock permanent buffs. These are everything from getting an extra life to improving Pearl’s drone abilities and having the option to reset a floor.

Splatoon 3 Side Order rewards: a menu showing available upgrades in the game


Working your way through the DLC gets you a few different Side Order badges. First, you get cute Pearl and Marina badges for completing the DLC, and you can get an Acht badge upon clearing the 30 floors of the Spire. Every time you clear it with a different weapon, you get a badge for that weapon. The same goes for each color of chips you get a complete set of.

Locker keys

Beating a boss floor gives you a locker key. These are used to, obviously, unlock a locker in the stack outside the Spire. Each locker can hold a new character’s palette, a banner, cosmetics, or some other cool items.


As mentioned above, each time you complete a run in the tower with a Side Order palette’s weapon, you unlock it to use in multiplayer. These weapons aren’t especially different, they’re more just a recolor of existing weapons that show off your ability in the single-player mode.

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Inkopolis Square

If you can beat all thirty floors of the Spire and the bosses within, you get to wander around Inkopolis Square, complete with Marina and Pearl sitting in their booth, and Iso Padre hanging out in the café.

Cipher’s Siftings shop

On top of getting Inkopolis Square as your new locale, you also gain access to Cipher’s Siftings after making a successful run. Here, you can spend Prlz to buy banners, locker decorations, and stickers

Clothing and cosmetics

Last but not least, for clearing the Spire, you of course get your outfit to wear in the multiplayer portion of the game. After all, who doesn’t want to be constantly reminded of the perils they went through?

We’re still fighting our way through the tower, so if we find any more rewards, we’ll add them right here. Now, back to finding any secret bosses that might be hanging around. As big Nintendo fans, we recommend you pick up the best Switch multiplayer games and perhaps invest in one of the best power banks to keep you charged on the go.