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Splatoon patch notes - version 6.0.1

If you want to keep up with the latest Splatoon 3 patch notes, look no further - our guide has all the new changes in the game listed right here.

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Take a deep dive into the latest Splatoon patch notes, detailing any changes to stages, weapons, subs, and more that can affect gameplay – or make it that bit easier. There’s no set schedule for when Nintendo releases these updates, so keep this page bookmarked if you’re interested in getting the news as soon as possible.

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Splatoon patch notes for ver. 6.0.1

Fixes to Player Controls

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the screen to freeze for a short while during battles or work shifts.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players who activated their Triple Splashdown special after performing certain actions to appear in a different location on the screens of other players.

Fixes to Salmon Run

  • Fixed an issue in Big Run that caused the news to not appear correctly when the event ended and prevented players from receiving a badge or decoration according to their high score.
  • Players who have already been affected by this issue can see the news play properly and also receive the badge or decorations they were supposed to receive by applying this update.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shots from the Crab Tank’s cannon to do less damage than before when hitting the body of a Steelhead while it’s growing a bomb from its head.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, if a player’s system went into sleep mode and disconnected from the internet, then came out of sleep mode and the player restarted the game, the player would return to the square instead of where they were before.

Note: Compatible with Ver. 6.0.0 battle replays. Not compatible with Ver. 5.2.0 or earlier battle replays.

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Splatoon patch notes for ver. 6.0.0 – Chill Season 2023

Season and catalog changes

On November 30th, 2023, data relating to Chill Season 2023 was added to the game. This includes:

  • A new catalog, including new gear, titles, banners, decorations, stickers, and emotes
  • One new battle stage (Robo ROM-en) and one returning battle stage (Bluefin Depot)
  • Two new special weapons
  • Nine new sets of existing main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons
  • A newly discovered King Salmonid, Megalodontia
  • 11 new Tableturf Battle cards
  • Players will now be able to obtain one Sheldon License at the end of each season

Changes to multiplayer

  • Added two songs that will play during battles
  • New special weapons added
    • Weapons equipped with these special weapons will be available at Ammo Knights at the start of Chill Season 2023
Special weapon How to use
Triple Splashdown Jump up into the air and come splashing down alongside two fists made of ink to create three explosions
Splattercolor Screen Throw a device to produce a screen of ink that obstructs vision. Enemies who touch the screen take damage and lose the ability to perceive color for a little while
  • New weapon sets added
    • These weapon sets will be available at Ammo Knights at the start of Chill Season 2023
Weapon Sub weapon Special weapon
Foil Squeezer Autobomb Splattercolor Screen
Custom Blaster Point Sensor Triple Splashdown
S-Blast ’91 Burst Bomb Booyah Bomb
Painbrush Nouveau Point Sensor Tenta Missiles
Snipewriter 5B Splash Wall Ink Storm
Enperry Splat Dualies Curling Bomb Triple Splashdown
Undercover Sorella Brella Torpedo Splattercolor Screen
REEF-LUX 450 Deco Splash Wall Reefslider
Neo Splatana Stamper Toxic Mist Crab Tank
  •  Specifications for some main weapons changed
Weapon Changes
.96 Gal
.96 Gal Deco
Reduced the amount of ink consumed by approximately 8%
Range Blaster Increased the radius of ink splatter at the point of impact with a floor or wall or when detonated midair by approximately 15%
Dread Wringer Reduced the amount of ink consumed by approximately 10%
Heavy Edit Splatling Increased the number of spray droplets created by shots
  • Specifications for some special weapons changed
Special weapon Changes
Reefslider After activation, players become invulnerable to damage approximately 13/60 of a second faster than before
  • Points required for some special weapons changed
Weapon Before After
Jet Squelcher 190 180
L-3 Nozzlenose 200 190

Changes to Anarchy Battles

  • At the end of a series in Anarchy Battle (Series), the player’s total number of five-win streaks will be displayed as “5 Wins in a Row” alongside a count.
    • A player’s five-win streak will increase each time they finish a series with five consecutive wins.
    • The number will reset to 0 when players reset their rank, finish a series with three losses, attempt a Rank-Up Battle, or when the season changes.
  • On the screen where players from both teams appear at the start of an Anarchy Battle (Series) battle, a symbol corresponding to the number of five-win streaks that a player has achieved will be displayed.
  • Added badges that players can unlock based on the total number of five-win streaks in Anarchy Battle (Series).

Changes to X Battles

  • The matchmaking system has changed, making it possible to form battles with additional weapon combinations.
    • This change will be applied immediately after the update to Ver. 6.0.0.
  • Players with X Power of less than 2000.0 and players with X Power of 2000.0 or higher will no longer be matched together.
    • This change will be applied immediately after the update to Ver. 6.0.0.
  • Increased the minimum range that X Power can change when battles are finished. Additionally, the change in a player’s X Power will now be based on both what their X Power was before the battles and their win/loss ratio during them.
    • This change will be applied to battles after the start of Chill Season 2023. It will not apply to battles during Drizzle Season 2023.
  • Added badges that players can unlock by reaching X Power 2000.0 or higher.
    • Players can obtain them by meeting the conditions after the start of Chill Season 2023.
  • Added badges that players can unlock based on win streaks while at X Power 2000.0 or higher.
    • Players can obtain them by meeting the conditions after the start of Chill Season 2023.
  • Added badges that players can get based on their X Rankings at the end of the season.
    • These can be obtained by ranking in the top 50,000 / 30,000 / 10,000 / 5,000 / 3,000 / 1,000 / 500 / 10 and higher.
    • Players can obtain them based on their rank at the end of a season, starting with Chill Season 2023.
  • The first time that a player meets the conditions to obtain one of the X-Battle badges added in this update, the design will change depending on whether the player is part of either the Takoroka Division or the Tentatek Division.

Changes to Salmon Run

  • A new King Salmonid called Megalodontia may appear.
    • Kraken Royale and Triple Splashdown have been newly added to the provided special weapons.
  • The conditions for the provision of special weapons have been adjusted such that at least two of the following special weapons, which can attack Salmonids at a distance, will always be provided.
    • Inkjet
    • Crab Tank
    • Killer Wail 5.1
    • Booyah Bomb
    • Triple Inkstrike
  • In Big Runs, the score required for obtaining a gold, silver, or bronze decoration will be predetermined for each occurrence and will be announced via the Anarchy Splatcast at the start of the Big Run.
  • In Normal Jobs when stages and supplied weapons change, if a player has a badge that corresponds to a stage after the switch, they will now start with a higher job title than before.
Badge type Job title
Gold badge Eggsecutive VP 400
Silver badge Eggsecutive VP 300
Bronze badge Eggsecutive VP 200
Other As before, the title corresponding to the previous job title (Apprentice 40 – Eggsecutive VP 40)
  • The type of King Salmonid appearing will now display in the stage information on the main menu.
  • In Grizzco, the shape of the Salmometer will now change based on the type of King Salmonid appearing.
  • When replaying job scenarios from Private Jobs or Eggstra Work, the players targeted during Rush or the Griller special waves, as well as the landing spots of Chinooks during Mothership special waves, will now be replicated.

Changes to Splatfests

  • The matchmaking system for Splatfest Battle (Pro) has changed, making it possible to form battles with new weapon combinations.

Changes to Tableturf Battle

  • Deck names and the total number of spaces will now display on the screen where players select a deck to use in battle.

Changes to the Lobby

  • Players who have already obtained all of the weapons currently available at Ammo Knights will now be able to exchange extra Sheldon Licenses for Shell-Out Tokens.
    • They can be exchanged by pressing the Y Button on the Shell-Out Machine screen.
  • Added a feature that displays information such as changes in the tides of battle in graph form when watching a battle replay.
    • This can be displayed by pressing the R Button while watching a battle replay.

Changes to SplatNet 3

  • Players can now get Turf Inked points from Salmon Run to support Crusty Sean’s Wandercrust Tour.
  • Turf Inked points can be used in this way after the start of Chill Season 2023.
  • Added a new journey to the Wandercrust Tour.
  • Players will be able to support Journey 4 after completing the first three journeys.
  • Journey 4 can only be supported with points earned by inking turf from Chill Season 2023 onward.
  • The type of King Salmonid that will appear will now be displayed on the Salmon Run schedule.
  • The shape of the Salmometer displayed in Job Logs will now change based on the type of King Salmonid appearing.
  • When a player’s score in Big Run is in the top 20%, it is now possible to confirm in Salmon Run Stats what percentile that score corresponds to.

This update focuses on adding features for Chill Season 2023, which starts in December, as well as adding features to Anarchy Battle (Series) and X Battle, changes to Salmon Run, and tweaks to multiplayer.

For Anarchy Battle (Series), we have created a unique goal for this mode by tracking and recognizing five-win streaks.

In X Battles, we have added changes that make different variations occur more frequently than before to make it easier for players to set their own individual goals, even after playing this mode for a while.

With Salmon Run, we have made changes that make it easier to play with a goal in mind during Big Runs, and adjustments to job titles when the schedule changes during Normal Jobs.

For battles, we added new weapons and special weapons, and we have also adjusted some weapons to make them easier to use.

Our next update is planned for the middle of Chill Season 2023 and should focus on balance adjustments.

There you have it – the latest updates in the ink-slinging multiplayer game. Some other important information to note are the newest Fortnite patch notes, Apex Legends patch notes, and everything you need to know about the recent Genshin Impact update, too.