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Sporcle geography

Looking for Sporcle geography quizzes? Take your quizzing knowledge on a trip around the globe with our guide to the very best quizzes from around the globe.

Our guide to Sporcle geography quizzes is going to jump between a few different quiz types, a nice selection of locations, and hopefully, just sprinkle in some interesting and exciting quizzes you might not have seen before. There’s a lot to choose from and plenty of places to visit, so get ready to set off on a quiz around the world!

If you just can’t wait to get quizzical again, be sure to have a read of our bumper guides to other types of tests with our Sporcle trivia guide, Sporcle US states guide, and our huge Sporcle countries of the world guide as well. There are also a bunch of other geography games outside of Sporcle.

Let’s explore our guide to Sporcle geography quizzes.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called Geography Bunker

Geography bunker 

A series of location-based questions leading downwards, Geography bunker gives you seven minutes to get through fifteen questions. So, how low can you go? Answering all of the questions gets you down to the bottom of the bunker, and this means you win. Or do you escape? Hide from bombs? It’s not clear, and it doesn’t matter honestly. Just enjoy a series of fairly easy questions and get to the bottom of things.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called 10 most populous cities

10 most populous countries in order 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The 10 most populous countries in order quiz does exactly what it says on the tin, showing you ten countries and asking you to name them from the most to the least populous. Which country has the most? Who is just behind China in terms of numbers? Just how many millions are in Bangladesh? Honestly, I had no idea about any of these, so good luck with this one. The thing I want to know is, who’s counting everyone?

Note that the questions in this quiz are based on data according to 2020 estimates from the World Factbook.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called Speed Gepgraphy

Speed geography 

Do you have what it takes? 50 questions with just three minutes to answer them, speed geography is only for the biggest brains out there and not only tests your knowledge but also your resolve. It’s not quite as tough as some, as a few of the answers are multiple choice, but it’s still a monumental task to get through all 50 of these questions within the time limit.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called Erase The World

Erase the World 

A nice way to relax, use your knowledge of countries around the world to slowly but surely scrub them all from the map. Erase the World presents you with a fully populated map and asks you to erase each country one by one, so long as you can find them. You have 20 minutes to name all 197 countries so you can take your time (sort of), and I imagine it’s really satisfying to gradually reveal the entirety of the map underneath those countries. I wouldn’t know. I got as far as Spain.

If you need a little help with this one, you can revise using a world map with all the countries named. We recommend geology.com’s clickable world map or mapsoftheworld.com.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called US cities: North to South

US Cities: North to South 

How well do you know your American geography? If you’ve already mastered the states and the flags, you might be up for a new challenge. US cities: North to South shows you 20 US cities and gives you five minutes to order them from the most northern to the most southern. There’s not a lot else to say without giving the game away, but this is once again a time where I learned that my knowledge of US states is woefully inadequate.

As with the world map above, geology.com has a super useful United States map with all the states named if you need an extra helping hand.

Sporcle geography: a diagram of a quiz shows off the quiz called Slithering outlines

Slithering Outlines 

One of the most difficult quizzes we’ve ever found, you’re going to have to really study to even stand a chance at this one. In Slithering Outlines, a red line wiggles around the screen in the shape of the outline of a country. So, can you piece together the clues and figure out exactly which country the line is moving in the shape of? Is it Italy? Is it Istanbul? Who knows, but the little red line won’t stop until you figure it out. Except for the five-minute time limit. Seriously, this one is brutal, and I commend anyone who can answer even a couple of questions with this one.

That is all the quizzing we can offer you today, but if we missed any amazing entries, be sure to contact us over at the Pocket Tactics Twitter account and we’ll update this page. If you need something a bit more relaxing for now, be sure to check out our guide to the best casual Switch games and take a load off.