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Stardew Valley Gus gifts, heart events, and cheats

Become close friends with Stardew Valley’s Gus, learn all of his heart events, and find out about his tumultuous friendship with Pam and the famous Gus cheat.

Stardew Valley Gus on a farm background

Stardew Valley has a huge number of colorful characters with unique personalities, and Gus is no different. This mustachioed man lives and works at the Stardrop Saloon in Pelican Town. With help from our Stardew Valley Gus guide, you will soon find out everything about his loves, hates, heart events, and much more. We’ve even included info on the famous Gus and Pam cutscene, where you help the friends deal with her growing tab, and the good old Stardew Valley Gus cheat.

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Now, let’s see what we can do with Stardew Valley’s Gus.

What are Stardew Valley Gus’ heart events?

Here’s everything you need to know about his heart events.

  • Any more than zero hearts
    • Gus will start to send you gifts in the mail as soon as you reach a friendship level higher than zero.
  • Three hearts
    • Gus will send you a salmon dinner recipe when you reach three hearts.
  • Four hearts – Gus and Pam cutscene
    • Once you reach two or more hearts with Pam, head to the saloon during opening hours. Gus will complain about Pam not paying her tab, and ask you for help. When Pam comes in and asks Gus for a drink, she will ask you what is going on, and you will have two options. Either say:
      • You need to pay your tab off right now! This will give you -50 friendship points.
      • The saloon is not doing well, financially. This will give you +15 friendship points. Pam will be upset, but she will pay off her tab and Gus will give her a drink.
  • Five hearts
    • Leave the farmhouse on a day without rain between 06:00 and 11:30.
  • Seven hearts
    • Gus will send you a cranberry sauce recipe when you reach seven hearts.

Stardew Valley's Gus introducing himself

What are the best Stardew Valley Gus gifts?

Gus would love to receive any of the following items in the loved and liked rows.

Reaction Gift
Loved Universal loves, diamond, escargot, fish taco, orange, tropical curry
Liked Universal likes (except coleslaw), daffodil
Neutral Universal neutrals, every egg (other than void egg), fruit (except salmonberry), milk, chanterelle, dandelion, ginger, hazelnut, leek, magma cap, morel, purple mushroom, snow yam, winter root
Dislike Universal dislikes, salmonberry, wild horseradish
Hate Universal hates, coleslaw, holly, quartz
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Where is Gus during the green rain event in summer?

Gus, the ever-friendly man he is, opens the saloon all day so that citizens of Pelican Town can shelter in it while the strange phenomenon happens. In year one, a lot of villagers stop by, but in year two there are fewer people. Either way, Gus is on hand behind the bar.

What is the Stardew Valley Gus glitch?

There was a big glitch (or cheat) in the game related to Gus, which gave you access to loads of extra cash. Naming yourself after a specific item code, for example [163][166][434] would lead to those items (a legend fish, a treasure chest, and a stardrop) instantly spawning into your inventory every time your name is mentioned in the game. As Gus regularly mentions your name, speaking to him at the saloon would lead to plenty of sell fodder that went for a pretty penny. However, this exploit was patched out of the game back in the 1.3 patch, so it doesn’t work anymore.

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