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Survivor io codes April 2024

Redeem these new Survivor io codes for energy, cash, and gems, so you can defeat the hundreds of hungry zombies that end up in your path.

Survivor IO codes: a character bashing some zombies with a bat

April 22, 2024: We added a new Survivor io code!

Need a little boost to get those zombies away from you? Check out these Survivor io codes to get as much money and energy as you can! Survivor io is a sort of bullet-hell game where your aim is to survive as long as possible in a world filled with zombies and other mutated monsters. As you progress you earn upgrades like stronger weapons and more energy.

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Survivor io codes

Here are all the new Survivor.IO codes:

  • Springrain
  • SpringOuting
  • Equinox
  • 2024LNY
  • topsurvivor
  • anniversary 
  • GraininEar

Expired codes:

  • AwakeningNow
  • tiktokup
  • minorcold 
  • dadasurvivor
  • 20christmas23
  • FallBreeze
  • Obon2023
  • thanksturkey23
  • gogohalloween
  • frostfall
  • autumnsport
  • HeatNow
  • deepsea2023
  • snowdonia
  • Autumn88
  • GreaterHeat
  • tanabata
  • summerday
  • tangtanggpkr
  • LUCKY2023
  • 2023Spring
  • PlantNow!
  • kakao10gift
  • SpringArbor
  • DADA5000DC
  • survivor11
  • LOVE2023
  • 20challenge23
  • LNY2023
  • XMAS2022IO
  • 20Thanksgiving22
  • halloween31
  • pumpkin
  • yesranger666
  • mapleleaves

Survivor IO codes: the in game menu

How do I redeem Survivor io codes?

To redeem Survivor io codes, you need to head to the game’s official redemption page. There’s no way to redeem codes in the game. Once you’re there, follow these steps:

  • Copy or type your user ID into the first box
  • Paste or type a code into the second box
  • Type out the number in the verification image
  • And repeat for all the codes that are active!

If you’re not sure where your user ID is, open the menu in Survivor io, and then Settings. Your ID is at the bottom of the pop-up.

What are Survivor io codes?

These codes are distributed regularly, usually to celebrate events or holidays like the recent Valentine’s Day code. Each redemption grants you goodies in your mailbox, including energy, gold coins, and rare items like Army Keys.

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