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We’re still waiting for Take-Two’s proposed mobile games

The company’s acquisition of Zynga should have resulted in some classic Take-Two IP getting new mobile games, but so far, nothing.

Take-Two mobile games: Michael from GTA V holding a stack of bank notes, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Match Factory graphic

Despite the company’s successful merger with Zynga, we’re still yet to see any Take-Two mobile games based on its legacy IP. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed the radio silence during a recent interview at a TD Cohen conference.

As well as owning mobile and social gaming giant Zynga, Take-Two Interactive also manages Rockstar Games, 2K, and indie games publisher Private Division, but games like GTA and the Red Dead Redemption series are still stuck on consoles and PC. When Take-Two announced the Zynga takeover, Zelnick discussed plans to develop and optimize new mobile games based on the company’s “core intellectual property” using Zynga’s success in the mobile market.

In an interview at last week’s TD Cohen conference (thanks, VGC, for the transcription), Zelnick said, “I would love to be able to announce a successful mobile title based on legacy Take-Two IP, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to do it, but you’re right that it has been backburnered a bit in service of a bunch of other opportunities.” He discussed how an IP’s success on console and PC doesn’t necessarily translate to mobile success, and that the biggest mobile games are “native” to the platform.

Take-Two’s belief in Zynga’s original games has paid off so far, as Match Factory, which launched in November 2023, is in the top 20 grossing games on the US App Store, and over half of the company’s full-year revenue last financial year came from mobile sales.

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Potentially due to this shift towards mobile success, reports state that Take-Two is planning to sell or close Private Division, the company’s indie publishing wing that’s looking after upcoming games like Tales of The Shire. According to these reports, a small team is staying on to support its remaining announced games, but the future of the company is unknown.

That’s everything we know about Take-Two’s mobile game plans. Did you know that you can technically play GTA V on mobile? Check out our guide to find out how. Alternatively, head to our NBA 2K Mobile codes page for some fresh freebies.

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