NBA 2K Mobile codes March 2024

Our list of all the new working NBA 2K Mobiles codes is here to take your game to the next level the latest free players to add to your team.

Screenshot of three players in red blue and yelllow cards for NBA 2k Mobile codes guide

February 26, 2024: We checked for all the latest NBA 2K Mobile codes

Building the greatest NBA team of all time isn’t easy, and that’s where NBA 2K Mobile codes come in handy. These codes allow you to unlock some of the best players the game has to offer, snazzy cosmetics for your players, and free wheel spins. These codes come and go at a rapid pace before expiring, so always keep your eye out for all the latest options.

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Active NBA 2K Mobile codes

Here are all of the new NBA 2K Mobile codes: 

  • KAT50PIECE – Karl-Anthony Towns card and two energy recharges

Expired codes:

  • HIMMYBUTLER – Jimmy Butler Card
  • CJHARDAWAY – Penny Hardaway card
  • AMBERYAO – Yao Ming card and two energy recharges
  • MRTRIPLEDOUBLE – Oscar Robertson card
  • S6COVERSTAR – Donovan Mitchell card
  • THANKYOUMELO – Carmelo Anthony card
  • PEARLLAVINE – Zach Levine card
  • THEDREAM – Hakeem Olajuwon card
  • ICETRAE11 – Trae Young card
  • BIGTICKET – Kevin Garnett card
  • DMWILKINS – Dominique Wilkins card
  • BACK2BACKMVP – Nikola Jokić card
  • LUKAMAGIC – Luka Dončić card
  • LARRYLEGEND – Larry Bird card
  • PDMORANT – Ja Morant card
  • NBAISBACK – Anthony Davis card
  • CP3PHOENIX – Chris Paul card
  • EMERALDKLAY – Klay Thompson card
  • JIMMYBUCKETS – Jimmy Butler card
  • ADFIRSTCHIP – Onyx Anthony Davis
  • MAMBAFOREVER – Onyx Kobe Bryant
  • VINSANITY – Amethyst Vince Carter
  • CURRYFAM – Ruby Stephen Curry, Gold Seth Curry, and Emerald Dell Curry
  • RUBYJOKER – Ruby Nikola Jokic
  • HOODIEMELO – Hooded Sweater for MyPlayer and Sapphire Carmelo Anthony
  • ZIONDEBUT – Sapphire Zion Williamson

How do I redeem NBA 2K Mobile codes?

Redeeming NBA 2K Mobile codes couldn’t be easier. There’s only one method, so don’t fall for any online scams that involve handing over your account details or paying for codes.

  • Open the NBA 2K Mobile main menu
  • Select the ‘Redeem’ option under the store button
  • Type in one of our NBA 2k Mobile codes
  • Enjoy your reward!

Klay Thompson card in NBA 2K Mobile

What are NBA 2K Mobile codes?

NBA 2K Mobile codes are rewards from the developer, and they generally give you a new player for your team. Recent examples have been Penny Hardaway, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, and Kobe Bryant, which shows how useful these codes can be.

Where do I find NBA 2K Mobile codes?

The best place to find NBA 2K Mobile codes is directly from 2K, specifically the official Twitter or Facebook. Either that or keep an eye on this guide, as we update it often with any new codes that have been released. If you’re looking to play NBA 2K mobile but don’t need to bother with codes, try the Apple Arcade version.

There you have it, our list of the active NBA 2K Mobile codes. Looking to shoot something other than hoops? Why not check out our best iOS games and best Android games lists?