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Tamagotchi original - all the colours, how to evolve, and more

The Tamagotchi original is back, complete with snazzy shell, LCD screen, and all of the beeping, and we’ve got the only guide you need to keep ‘em alive.

Promo art of two original Tamagotchis in pink and dark blue design

The Tamagotchi Original is, well, the original, bringing virtual pets into the homes of millions over the last 25 years. Despite a dip in popularity for a while, you can still get your hands on one of these bad boys and have a nostalgic time feeding and raising your little Tama. In this guide, we’ve got everything you need to know about which might be the right one for you.

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Tamagotchi original colors and designs 

One of the reasons for the early popularity of Tamagotchi originals is the wide variety of colors they were available in. Things aren’t much different now, and across both gen one and two of the most recent Tamagotchi original lines, all of the colors below are available. 

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Tamagotchi original generation one colors and designs

Design name Region of availability  Purchase here
White Japan  Currently unavailable
Pink Japan Currently unavailable
Light Blue Japan Currently unavailable
Blue Japan Currently unavailable
Orange Japan Currently unavailable
Skeleton Japan Currently unavailable
Purple with Pink USA and Europe Amazon
Translucent Blue USA and Europe Amazon
Pink with Yellow USA and Europe Amazon
White with Black USA and Europe Amazon
Rainbow USA and Europe Amazon
Striped Tiger USA and Europe Amazon
Red Glitter USA and Europe Amazon
Mermaid USA and Europe Amazon
Majestic USA Amazon
Sunset USA Amazon
Neon USA and Europe Amazon
Sprinkles USA and Europe Amazon
Plaid USA and Europe Amazon
Marble USA and Europe Amazon
Candy Swirl USA and Europe Amazon
90’s USA and Europe Amazon
Flames USA and Europe Amazon
Purple-Pink Clock USA, Europe, and Korea Amazon
Sakura USA, Europe, and Korea Amazon
Art Style USA Amazon
Ice Cream USA Amazon
25th Anniversary USA Amazon
Metallic Violet USA and Europe  Currently unavailable
Comic Book Special Edition USA Currently unavailable

Promo art of blue gingham Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi original generation two colors and designs

Design name  Region of availability Purchase here
White with Pattern Japan   Currently unavailable
Blue with Logo Japan  Currently unavailable
Yellow Japan Currently unavailable
Translucent Green Japan  Currently unavailable
White and Pink USA and Europe Amazon 
Black with Silver USA and Europe Amazon 
Blue with Silver USA and Europe Amazon
Yellow with Blue USA and Europe  Amazon
Green Glitter USA and Europe  Amazon
Leopard print USA and Europe  Amazon
Galaxy USA and Europe Amazon
Colourful Characters USA and Europe  Currently unavailable
Paradise USA, Europe, and South Korea Amazon
Sahara USA and Europe  Amazon
Hearts USA and Europe  Amazon
Sky USA and Europe  Amazon
Stone USA and Europe Amazon
Tie Dye USA and Europe  Amazon
Spring Stripes USA and Europe  Amazon
Flower Gingham USA, Europe, and South Korea  Amazon
Pink Glitter USA and Europe  Amazon
Pastel Bubble USA and Europe  Amazon
Logo Repeat USA and Europe Amazon
Retro Flowers USA and Europe Amazon
Lightning USA  Amazon

Promo art of a colour swirl original Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi original characters and how to evolve 

The Tamagotchi toys are beloved for their quirky characters that occupy the tiny LCD screen surrounded by colorful plastic. However, despite their memorable designs, some of their names are a little confusing, and easy to forget, so we’ve listed all the available critters from generations one and two of the Tamagotchi original lines. 

Tamagotchi original generation one characters and how to evolve 

The generation one Tamagotchi original collection features a list of characters you might recall from your youth, including the Babytchi that some of you probably didn’t look after. Now is the time to make amends, and you can find out how to treat your Tamagotchi to get it to your preferred evolution below. 

Tamagotchi Stage Evolution Evolves from 
Babytchi Baby Egg Egg
Marutchi Child Tamatchi / Mrutchi Babytchi after 65 minutes 
Tamatchi Teen Mametchi / Ginjirotchi / Maskuchi / Kuchipatchi / Nyorotchi / Tarakotchi Marutchi with good care
Kuchitamatchi Teen Kuchipatchi / Nyorotchi / Tarakotchi Marutchi with bad care
Mametchi Adult N/A Tamatchi with high disclipline and perfect care
Ginjirotchi Adult N/A Tamatchi with anything below perfect care, or a type two Tamatchi with perfect care
Maskutchi Adult Bill Tamatchi with above average care but below perfect 
Kuchipatchi Adult N/A/ Tamatchi with below average care and high discipline or Kuchimatchi with perfect care and high discipline 
Nyorotchi Adult N/A Tamatchi with bad care of Kuchitamatchi with average to good care 
Tarakotchi Adult N/A Tamatchi with horrible care or Kuchitamatchi with average or worse care 
Bill Special N/A  No discipline until evolving into Maskutchi, then good to perfect care (only available in the international version) 

Promo art of a trio of original Tamagotchis

Tamagotchi original generation two characters and how to evolve 

If you’ve got one of the generation two Tamagotchi original models, you can find all the critters you need to get to know below. 

Name Stage Evolution Evolves from
Shirobabytchi Baby Tonmarutchi Egg
Tonmarutchi Child Tongaritchi / Hashitamatchi Tonmarutchi evolves from an egg after 65 minutes 
Tongaritchi Teen Mimitchi / Pochitchi / Zuccitichi / Hashizoutchi / Kusatchi / Takotchi Evolves from Tonmarutchi with good care and 75% or more discipline
Hashitamatchi Teen Hashizoutchi / Kusatchi / Takotchi Evolves from Tonmarutchi with bad care and less than 75% discipline
Mimitchi Adult N/A Evolves from Tongaritchi with high discipline and perfect care
Pochitchi Adult N/A Evolves from high or low discipline Tongaritchi with above average care
Zuccitchi Adult Zatchi Evolves from high or low discipline Tongaritchi with above average care
Hashizoutchi Adult N/A Evolves from Tongaritchi with below average care of perfect hare Hashitamatchi 
Kusatchi Adult N/A Evolves from a bad care Tongaritchi or above average care Hashitamatchi
Takotchi Adult N/A Evolves from a horrible care Tongaritchi or average or worse care Hashimatchi
Zatchi Special N/A Evolves from Zuccitchi with no discipline until Zuccitchi stage and good to perfect care

Tamagatchi original instructions

Ok, so you’ve opened your Tamagotchi with glee, and absent-mindedly placed the instructions for your digital pet somewhere you’ll never see it again. What do you do? You head over to this link for the official Tamagotchi website and check out the detailed instructions for both generation one and two of the Tamagotchi original lines. 

Promo art of a another trio of original Tamagotchis but on a blue background

There you have it, all you need to know about the Tamagotchi Original and how to get your hands on one. For more mini monsters, check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide.