Android users can enter the Hollows in the Tarisland beta

The Tarisland closed beta is upon us for Android and PC players, giving us a peek into the expansive fantasy world of Taris and its quests, classes, and bosses.

Tarisland beta: A zoomed-in version of the beta graphic showing a shark-like character on the left and a druid tree character on the right

Tencent’s upcoming cross-platform MMORPG Tarisland has generated a bunch of discussion in the mobile MMORPG community since its initial announcement and that’s bound to continue as the first Tarisland beta is tantalizingly close.

Participating in the closed beta gets you access to seven unique character classes and expansive storylines in areas like the Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, and the Misty Forest. If you’re interested in succeeding in raids and dungeons, understanding the different classes and how they interact is crucial.

If you feel up to the challenge, you can unlock exclusive closed beta rewards by being the first to defeat the four dungeon bosses with a team of ten. Or if that’s not for you, there are plenty of crafting opportunities, arena and battlegrounds challenges, and even world bosses to defeat.

The closed beta, much like the full game, features no pay-to-win elements as one of the developer Locojoy Games’s goals for Tarisland is to create a fair and sustainable game ecosystem for all players to enjoy. This means you won’t find any stat-boosting items in the shop.

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When is the Tarisland beta?

The Tarisland closed beta starts on June 27, 2023 for PC players worldwide and Android players in Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. You can sign up on the Tarisland official website.

While we wait for the Tarisland release date, you can keep up with the game’s development on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord, as well as on the official website.

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