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Teamfight Tactics set 6 introduces new traits

There are eight new traits as part of the Teamfight Tactics set 6 update

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It’s that time again for all you Teamfight Tactics players out there, as set 6 lands in Riot’s auto-chess battler, bringing a range of changes with it, including a bunch of new traits that offer new strategies for you to try – some decimate your opponent’s health. In contrast, others provide much-needed assistance to your other champions.

Teamfight Tactics set 6 introduces eight new traits, the first of which is academy. This trait sees champions gain bonus attack damage and ability power, and this only increases each time an ally casts an ability. Up next is chemtech. These champions are a bit on the wild side, having been subjected to heinous experiments. As such, they’re all too happy to go on a rampage to decimate the opposition. Upon dropping below a certain health threshold, the champion gets a damage reduction, increase to attack speed, and an increase to maximum health regeneration – for each chemtech champion on your team, these benefits get more duration.

Moving on, we have the mutant trait, and this one is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. It randomly takes one of seven forms for the entirety of a match, offering different benefits each time. The fourth new trait is mercenary. If you have three champions that possess this trait, you get a chest on your bench, but you must win the match for it to open – the longer you go without opening it, the better your chances of getting some high-end loot.

Scrap champions have the ability to take trash and turn it into a usable item for combat. Meanwhile, those with the Yordle trait give you a free yordle when you have three yordle champions on your team. Double that, and mana costs for the characters are greatly reduced.

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As for innovation champions, they’re great at, well, innovating, so they will create mechanical companions to aid in combat. If you have three innovators, the champion, and an ally, receive a protection barrier, while five innovators create a ferocious mechanical bear to join the fun. Finally, we have colossal champions, and as their name might indicate, they are huge. The more you have, the more resistant they become to group tactics and damage.

When is the Teamfight Tactics set 6 release date?

The new set and its traits are available in-game now, so get out there and see what new strategies work for you.

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