Celebrate Artem’s birthday in Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever

Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever with Artem

The Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever event is happening right now, so you’d best dive back into the romance detective game, as it’s time to celebrate Artem’s birthday. Those piercing blue eyes are enough to make anyone swoon, and frankly, despite it being his day, we can’t help but feel special ourselves.

To participate in the Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever event, you must complete the initial part of Artem’s personal story. After that, the birthday celebrations can begin. To mark the occasion, you can work through an exclusive birthday story, complete a range of field investigations, and get into some debates with people – um, Artem does know it’s his birthday, right?

Anyway, if you complete the limited-time event tasks, you can get your hands on the exclusive event item, sincere gift. You can also earn an abundance of tears of themis, s-chips, and an Artem R card known as Deduction. Of course, if you complete the birthday story, you can get additional goodies, such as the birthday invitation ‘mesmerising,’ though he should’ve probably handed out invites before his big day rather than after, if we’re honest.

We should also mention that sincere gifts allow you to set up a party for Artem, so don’t be stingy when you show your virtual beau what he means to you. Also, If you have any sincere gifts left at the end of the event, they turn into stellin, so you can still buy yourself something nice.

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When is the Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever event?

The Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live event is already here, and runs until April 29, giving you more than enough time to celebrate Artem’s birthday. If you want to know more about the birthday boy, or any of the other eligible bachelors, saunter over to our Tears of Themis characters guide.

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