Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya is serving restaurant sim goodness on Switch

We’ve got a Touhou Mystia's Izakaya release date for Switch, with this game offering you the chance to feed some iconic Touhou characters.

Screenshot from trailer of a character under the moon for Touhou Mystia's Izakaya release date news

If you’re a fan of cozy games, restaurant sims, or just cute characters having a swell time, you’re going to want to check out the Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya release date for Switch. Set in the Touhou Project universe, this experience swaps out bullet hell shoot ‘em up mechanics for that of a busy restaurant simulator. Having worked in hospitality myself, I honestly don’t know which sounds more difficult.

While it might be quite a different experience for Touhou fans, some familiar faces are ready to stop by your restaurant, with more characters from the series, including Reimu and Akyuu, hungry for something good. Preparing meals for them goes further than the kitchen, though, with you responsible for sourcing the freshest ingredients to offer a culinary experience for your patrons. If you think that sounds a little like Dave the Diver or Cat Cafe Manager, so do we, and that can only be a good thing.

With a beautiful pixel art style, some scenic locations full of traditional Japanese architecture, and plenty of extravagant costumes for your character, Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya is a real treat for the eyes in the trailer. Providing the gameplay matches up to what looks like a promising spin-off, we’re already thinking this one might end up on our list of the best life sims by this time next year. So, bring on the customers. We’re ready to cook.

When is the Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya release date?

You can ready yourself to offer the perfect dining experience when the Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya release date arrives on May 2, 2024. While the trailer below is in Japanese, the game comes with language support in English, so you don’t have to worry about relying on a translator when trying to read recipes and orders.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya release date for Nintendo Switch. If you’re more of a Roblox fan than the world of Touhou, check out our list of Roblox game codes, including links for Haze Piece codes, Tower Defense X codes, Animentals codes, and more. Or, if you’re looking for more cute sims, see our list of the best games like Stardew Valley.