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This Tower of Fantasy Princess Mononoke avatar looks fantastic

This Tower of Fantasy Princess Mononoke character creation is a clear resemblance of the source material, and it shows just how good the game looks

A ToF character curling into a ball while players look at the Tower of Fantasy Princess Mononoke character creation

It’s finally time for all you eager fans out there to get your hands on Tower of Fantasy, and it’s fair to say that many of you wasted no time in diving in, though thanks to the game’s extensive character creation feature, you could spend a good couple of hours coming up with a look for your avatar.

We just know that has to be the case for Reddit user triplehealligators, as their Tower of Fantasy Princess Mononoke character creation looks incredible. One look at her, and you can clearly see this avatar resembles the titular character from the 1997 Japanese historical film, which takes place during the late Muromachi period in Japan.

It’s always nice to see players get creative, and it’s even better when you yourself can see where their inspiration comes from. Personally, at PT, we can’t wait to see what other creations the Tower of Fantasy community can come up with (our very own Tilly Lawton has lost many hours to Tower of Fantasy’s character creation feature already).

When can I find the ToF Princess Mononoke avatar?

You can check out the fantastic creation below, but why stop there? You could always dive into the Reddit thread and see what other players think.

My attempt of Princess Mononoke – ID 625598 from TowerofFantasy

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