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Tower of Fantasy scenic points

Take a tour of the stunning world of Aesperia and snag a couple of handy freebies along the way, with our Tower of Fantasy scenic points guide

Tower of Fantasy scenic points Navia Cetus Island

When exploring a vast, open world like that of Tower of Fantasy, scenic points crop up everywhere. Digital sightseeing has certainly been gaining traction over the past few years, with graphics becoming more advanced, environmental design offering breathtaking escapes from reality, and screenshots and in-game cameras at your fingertips so you can snap pics whenever the mood strikes you.

But Tower of Fantasy scenic points aren’t all about snaps with pals. They’re shots of unique landmarks scattered around Aesperia, chronicling scenes of significance to add to your travel log and remind you of the journey you’ve been on. They also offer exploration points and dark crystals, if you’re looking for something a bit more materialistic than a fond memory. In this guide we list all of the ToF scenic points, along with their locations and coordinates, so you can snap those shots and snag those goodies in no time.

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Tower of Fantasy scenic points

Tower of Fantasy scenic point in Warren, showing the eye icon and Zero

What is a Tower of Fantasy scenic point?

A Tower of Fantasy scenic point is a location where you can see a specific landmark significant to that area. Each part of the map has its own set of scenic points for you to visit and note down in your travel log, and collecting each one offers dark crystals and map exploration points.

In order to record a scenic point in your travel log, you must find the scenic point’s location, then approach and interact with the light beam topped with an eye, as seen in the picture above.

After interacting with a scenic point, head to the terminal tab in the ESC menu, and hit Chronicles. From here, you can toggle between areas on the Aesperia map, take a look at the pictures and a brief description of each of the scenic points you’ve visited and are yet to visit, and claim your rewards for each picture.

Scenic points are pretty easy to collect, and are an important part of Tower of Fantasy map exploration progress as they offer 20 exploration points each – so be sure to grab a snap of each of them when you get the chance.

Where are all the Tower of Fantasy scenic points?

Here are the locations of each of the Tower of Fantasy scenic points for each part of the map available in the global release so far. If you’re struggling to locate them, check out this amazing Tower of Fantasy interactive map and tick the checkbox to show all scenic points. You can click on each of the scenic point pins to see screenshots of the locations uploaded by other players, or add your own.

Tower of Fantasy scenic point Astra Mega Arena

Tower of Fantasy Astra scenic points

Astra Shelter – to the northwest of the Astra Shelter spacerift, near Zeke’s clinic and overlooking the waterfall. Coordinates (-979.9, 790.3).

Northern Ring Ranges – to the northeast of Astra Shelter, on a peak overlooking a small stronghold. Coordinates (-865.5, 683.4).

Mega Arena – on a cliff overlooking the Mega Arena from the northwest, across the water. Coordinates (-392.5, 723.0).

Ring of Echoes – on top of a tall crimson pillar to the east of Astra Cemetery. It’s a bit tough to get to, so we recommend hopping from the higher cliffs by the cemetery and using your jetpack to glide over. Coordinates (-662.1, 897.3).

Tomb of Thorns – southeast of the Southern Ring Ranges spacerift, overlooking the thorny domain of world boss Robarg. Coordinates (-617.1, 1094.6).

Tower of Fantasy scenic point Banges tech

Tower of Fantasy Banges scenic points

Banges Dock – to the southeast of Banges Dock, on top of the ruined bridge. Coordinates (-157.7, 309.1)

Banges Tech – north of Banges Dock, on a small wooden platform jutting out from a cliff to the left of the gates to Banges Tech. Coordinates (-314.3, 191.5).

The Maen – in the Mt. Woochu area directly east of a rat’s den, on a pointed cliff overlooking the river. Coordinates (114.2, 679.1).

Banges Farm – on the ruined bridge east of Banges Farm, to the southwest of the spacerift. Coordinates (-9.3, 421.6).

Banges Shelter – to the north of the shelter, atop a rocky cliff overlooking the settlement, near the large crane. Coordinates (-139.0, 881.7).

Signal Station Ruins – to the northeast of Signal Station Ruins spacerift, and up the mountain, near the area where the Aiden Zealots are training in Rosen. Coordinates (-630.5, -2.5).

Tower of Fantasy scenic points Navia waterfall

Tower of Fantasy Navia scenic points

Cetus Island – north of the Seventh Day Forest on a rocky ledge, overlooking Navia Bay’s southeastern side. Coordinates (-281.7, -552.0).

Raincaller Island – north of Banges Omnium Tower, on the rocky cliffside overlooking Raincaller Island. Coordinates (-611.3, -381.6)

Seventh Day Forest – north of the Seventh Day Forest spacerift, on top of a tower. Coordinates (-178.1, -406.1).

The Selga – next to the North Seventh Day Forest spacerift, to the northwest of the Banges Omnium Tower on a small cliffside. The scenic point is next to a truck with an electronic lock. Coordinates (-532.2, -455.8).

Tower of Fantasy scenic point Crown Mines

Tower of Fantasy Crown Scenic points

Miner’s Camp – east of the Miner’s Camp spacerift, on one of the mining levels overlooking the camp. Coordinates (191.8, 182.4).

Parliament – southwest of the Parliament, on the edge of a cliff near Ruin D-01. Coordinates (319.0, 409.0).

Research Lab (Area 4) – on a ledge to the southwest of the Crown Omnium Tower, overlooking Parliament and Area 4. Coordinates (719.6, 392.0).

The Lumina – on a rocky cliff in Seaforth Dock to the west of The Lumina. Coordinates (520.0, 742.5).

Tower of Fantasy scenic Point Warren Snowfields

Tower of Fantasy Warren scenic points

Saag Passage – on a cliff southwest of the Warren Omnium Tower. Coordinates (1008.6, -299.1)

Southern Naa Fjords – on a cliff to the northeast of the Warren Snow Peak space rift, overlooking the ocean with world boss Barbarosa’s arena in the distance. Coordinates (1008.3, -681.7).

Silvercrown Forest – to the southeast of the Aarniel Fortress, on a cliff overlooking the electric tree-like structures. Coordinates (558.6, -719.3).

Aarniel Fortress – on a cliff directly south of Aarniel Fortress, to the west of Saag Passage. Coordinates (1008.6, -299.1).

Tower of Fantasy scenic points on Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island scenic points

We don’t have access to Artificial Island yet, but we do have a list of all the scenic points that will be available when we get there. We’ll be sure to update this guide when we get more information.

  • Lakesource Falls
  • Unnamed Airship Plaza
  • Simple Pier
  • Eyrie
  • Tetriso Ruins
  • “The Venture”
  • Deserted Water Treatment Plant
  • Gazing Cliffs

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy scenic points guide. Now you’ve had the chance to tour this far-out world, why not head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to explore a new one.