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Tower of God: New World and The Seven Deadly Sins collide in crossover

The Tower of God: New World The Seven Deadly Sins partnership introduces new characters, events, and story with plenty of rewards to grab.

Tower of God: New World The Seven Deadly Sins collab image featuring three characters posing together from either franchise in front of a blue background

There’s a Tower of God: New World The Seven Deadly Sins crossover, and it looks to add a lot of exciting content to the mobile game. As you might expect from a partnership such as this, you can get your hands on new characters, partake in various events for rewards, and enjoy a whole new story.

Crossover events are pretty common across the best mobile RPGs, but the most exciting are the ones that tend to embrace an anime partnership. Tower of God is a highly popular South Korean webtoon that Netmarble adapted into a mobile card game, making it the perfect candidate for a partnership with the beloved The Seven Deadly Sins anime, which just so happens to also have a great anime game tie-in.

Through this collaboration, you can get your hands on three SSR characters – Escanor, Meliodas, and Elizabeth. Fans of The Seven Deadly Sins likely recognize this trio as they are prominent figures in the anime, two being members of the greatest order of knights and the third being a princess.

Beyond the characters, you can embark on a new story event based on The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment, during which you can acquaint yourself with the aforementioned characters. In terms of events, there’s the Collab Summon, Check-In Event, Daily Festival, and Story Exchange Shop, all of which give you access to either rewards or missions.

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While all that sounds lovely, you might like to know that the event boss, Gray Demon, is available between February 22 and February 29, and if you’re up for the challenge, we suggest you give it a go to get some valuable prizes.

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