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Trails of Cold Steel NW tier list June 2024

Our Trails of Cold Steel Northern War tier list can help you pick your party, and who to roll for on the many banners in the latest Trails mobile game.

Trails of Cold Steel NW tier list - a character surrounded by green guns wearing shorts and a jacket

There are a lot of characters available in the latest Trails game, which is where our Trails of Cold Steel NW tier list comes in to help. Taking place in the time skip between Trails of Cold Steel II and Trails of Cold Steel III, Northern War is a spin-off of the TV show of the same name, featuring the same characters you know and love. Below we’ve ranked the playable characters and also show you how to get more on your roster.

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Trails of Cold Steel NW tier list

Here are all the playable Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War characters ranked from S- to D-tier. Remember that the rarities of characters – in this case, SSR to R – generally dictate how good they are, though that isn’t always the case.

Rank Trails of Cold Steel character
S Rean Schwarzer, Ennea, Lavian Winslet, Rufus Albarea, Alissa Reinford, Sigmund Orlando, Ries Argent
A Lloyd Bannings, Elie MacDowell, Tita Russell, Iseria Frost, Fie Claussell, Claire Rieveldt, Kevin Graham, Wazy Hemisphere, Noel Seeker, Alfin Reise Arnor, Klaudia Von Auslese, Duvalie the Swift, Towa Herschel, Alan Richard, Agate Cosner, Mireille, Alisa Reinford, Kirika Rouran, Olivert Reise Arnor, Mueller Vander
B Scherazard Harvey, Alex Dudley, Garcia Rossi, Josette Capua, Lynn, Michel, Renne, Anelace Elfead, Rixia Mao, Talion Drake, Lavian Winslet, Zin Vathek, Martin S. Robinson, Estelle Bright, Rogan Mugart, Gilbert Stein, Tio Plato, Olivier Lenheim, Laura S. Arseid, Aeolia, Randy Orlando, Joshua Bright
C Lechter Arundel, Dubarry, Toval Randonneur, Ernest Reis, Grant, Douglas, Gareth, Scott, Elliot Craig
D Northern Jaegers, Red Constellation, Mishy, Imperial Army, Morgan
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How do I get more Trails of Cold Steel NW characters?

Getting new characters in Trails of Cold Steel Northern War is quite easy, but you need to complete the tutorial and reach story stage 1-9 before you can freely access the banners. When you’ve done that, head to the town menu, then the gacha building, and pull as much as you want. There are quite a few different banners to choose from, most of which have different currencies, so you can get quite a lot of characters at once.

You do get some characters for free as you work through the tutorial stages. These are:

  • Lavian Winslet
  • Talion Drake
  • Martin S. Robinson
  • Iseria Frost

You get Laura S. Arseid in your first ‘tutorial’ pull on the banner, and then get Tita Russell and Elie MacDowell in the mail to celebrate the game’s release.

How do I perform a Trails of Cold Steel NW reroll?

If you got to the gacha and pulled some characters you’re not happy with, fear not – you can try again, as long as you logged in with a guest account. To reroll your account, follow these steps:

  • Sign out of your guest account
  • Sign in with a new guest account
  • Play the tutorial levels until 1-9
  • Pull on the banners and assess the characters you get
  • If you’re happy, then bind your account to your Google or App Store account to keep it safe
  • If you’re not happy, then repeat these steps

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