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Ultra Unfair codes

With these new Roblox Ultra Unfair codes list, you can get all manner of freebies to help you kick some serious butt in this action RPG.

Ultra Unfair codes - a screenshot of a player character with glowing eyes

With our Ultra Unfair codes guide, you can grab all sorts of goodies to help you on your journey, from additional XP to powerful weapons.  Of course, after you first create your character, they’re about as useful as a wet kitchen roll, so you might want to level them up a bit, and should you want to do it in a speedy fashion – that’s why we’re here to help!

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Here are all the new Ultra Unfair codes:

  • UPDATEONE – 75k cash and free boosts
  • !RELEASE – 25k cash
  • !LAGFIXES – 75k cash
  • 17KLIKES!!! – free cash and boosts
  • 16KLIKES – free cash and boosts
  • WEEKEND – fast roll time
  • PitySystem- ten minutes of fast roll
  • !update4 – free cash and boosts
  • !update2 – free cash and boosts
  • !awesome10klikes – free cash and boosts
  • !7500likesyay – free cash and boosts
  • !6000likes! – free cash and boosts
  • !10KMEMBERS – free cash
  • !5KLIKES – free cash
  • !a mongoose – free cash (must be level 4.5 or higher)
  • !100K- 1 mil cash
  • !Group – 5k cash (you need to be level three or higher and in a group)

How do I redeem Ultra Unfair codes?

Redeeming Ultra Unfair codes is simple. You just have to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Ultra Unfair
  • Tap the chat icon
  • Enter your code
  • Tap enter
  • Enjoy your freebie!

Ultra Unfair codes - an avatar ready to fight

What are Ultra Unfair codes?

Ultra Unfair codes provide you with valuable in-game items courtesy of the developer, BtKing Studios, who tends to add new ones for each milestone hit. So make sure you bookmark this page for the latest goodies.

There you have it, all of the current Ultra Unfair codes. For some less blocky action, check out our best mobile RPGs list.