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A new Will Smith character is set for survival game Undawn

Trey Jones, a similar looking chap to Will Smith’s I Am Legend zombie-killing character, is coming to show you the ropes in the upcoming survival title Undawn.

Key art of Will Smith's character Trey Jones walking through a city in Undawn

If anyone knows how to survive the apocalypse, it’s the star of  I Am Legend, so the news that Will Smith is coming to Undawn on launch to play your guide to this zombie-infested world is certainly exciting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the sweet German Shepherd from the film is joining him, but hey, in survival games like this, we take what we can get.

If you don’t know, Undawn is an upcoming mobile title from developer Lightspeed Studios and publisher Level Infinite, set for release on June 15. The whole aim of the game is to survive, fight alongside your fellow Raven Squad for territory in a ruined world, and battle the harsh elements to make it through each night.

Smith’s character Trey Jones is set to act as your guide to the apocalypse, leading you around the wastelands four years after the fall of civilization. We’re also hoping that he’s on hand to help out with dealing with some zombies, after all, we know that’s where his skills lie. Fortunately, with tactical weapons and an arsenal of DIY explosives on hand, you won’t need to rely on ol’ Will Smith too much.

If you plan on diving into the world of Undawn on launch, be sure to pre-register for some precious resources and rewards on the release date. You can find links for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

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