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War of the Grand Line codes

Our guide to War of the Grand Line codes is here to help you in this exciting idle One Piece odyssey, so avast ye mateys, and board this guide.

War of the Grand Line codes: several One Piece characters appear in key art

If you’re a huge One Piece fan then you have to check out our War of the Grand Line codes guide. We’ve sailed the seven seas of the internet, and traveled along the Grand Line itself, finding all of the latest codes ready to help you on your pirate adventure. So, let’s set sail!

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War of the Grand Line codes

Active codes:

  • 693E33B167 – rewards (Asia servers)
  • 2382C6A4B0 – rewards (America/Europe servers)
  • 07FFBFF96C – rewards (Asia servers)
    C925AC5B8C – rewards (America/Europe servers)
  • onepiece11 – rewards (all regions)
  • VIP12345 – rewards (all regions)
  • VIP23333 – rewards (all regions)

Expired codes:

  • 10E8FBD6C4
  • 78A5D48072
  • A15F25CEF7
  • 0CBFB6127A
  • 90BE0A0212
  • 30690A42F6
  • 64FCDF3B8D
  • BA276D218D
  • 89390D36CA
  • 6C0D186575
  • 161A17C069
  • 07E31A5750
  • 689AE639FF
  • A3669A4410
  • AE2FF00267
  • 1C585E0DB1
  • E4882E7E30
  • 823E7D9BDD
  • CCBB65EA87
  • 559EF245BB
  • 60E01E5B53
  • D524EA26D9
  • 6498D1B0A8
  • 5C42D8F411
  • ADBAC6583F
  • 1BA029C945
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What are War of the Grand Line codes?

War of the Grand Line codes are sequences of numbers and letters you can input into the game to unlock rewards. Developer XUNFENG LIU releases codes to coincide with new updates, events, and holidays, and it split codes between different regions, so make sure you choose the codes that match your servers. If you want to stay up to date, then bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we’re always on the hunt for the latest codes.

How do I redeem War of the Grand Line codes?

It’s easy to redeem War of the Grand Line codes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Fire up War of the Grand Line
  • Tap the profile icon in the top left corner
  • Click system settings
  • Tap on exchange pack
  • Enter your code and hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Alright, pirates, that’s all the War of the Grand Line codes we have for today, but check back soon. For even more mobile anime action, check out our guide to Dragon Ball Legends codes next.