Roblox Multiverse Defenders codes February 2024

Our list of new Multiverse Defenders codes is here to help you defend the world from evil forces, with the best freebies from every universe in one guide.

Multiverse Defenders codes - a Roblox character Noroto

If you need Roblox Multiverse Defenders codes, then you’re in the right place. Don’t worry about hopping through portals or using the speed force, we collect every code you need into one handy guide. This way, you can use your favorite anime heroes to defend this universe, and every other one, from the benevolent forces seeking to destroy every dimension. Good luck!

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Here are all of the new Multiverse Defenders codes:

  • HappyValentines – 10k gems (new!)
  • LUNARNEWYEAR – 5k gems
  • 9M9VISITS – 2k gems
  • UPDATE1.5 – 3k gems
  • 50KMBDIS – 2k gems
  • CHRISTMAS2 – 3k gems
  • CHRISTMAS – 2k gems
  • RELEASE – 2k gems

Expired codes:

  • hihi
  • 5klike
  • NewQuest
  • 9KFavs
  • 2MVisits
  • 20kMembersDiscord
  • 4kLikes
  • SorryForShutdown2
  • Shutdown
  • 8KFavs
  • 1M4Visits
  • 3KLikes
  • 1mVisits
  • TanTaiGaming
  • 500kVisits
  • 10500servermems
  • Sub2BlamSpot
  • WeAreSorry
  • 2KFavs
  • 300kVisits
  • 1KLikes
  • Sub2GCNTV
  • GiveGem
  • 100kVisits
  • Sub2oGVexx
  • 20kVisit
  • OpenBeta
  • 200kVisits
  • 500Likes
  • 150kvisits
  • 50kvisits
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What are Multiverse Defenders codes?

Multiverse Defenders codes are a specific sequence of numbers and letters you can input into the Roblox game to unlock exclusive boosts, bonuses, and rewards. Developer System Arts Studio releases code regularly to coincide with events, updates, and holidays, and we collect each and every one in this guide. Don’t worry about tracking them all down, bookmark this page and check back as we have the latest codes waiting for you.

How do I redeem Multiverse Defenders codes?

It’s very easy to redeem Multiverse Defenders codes, just follow these steps:

  • Open up Roblox
  • Fire up Multiverse Defenders
  • Find and enter the hub
  • Locate the man sat on a bench below the cloud sign
  • Get close enough to the bench and a code box appears
  • Enter an active code into the box and hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

That’s all we have for Multiverse Defenders codes for today, but if you love superheroes and Roblox then be sure to check out our guides to Tangled Web Chronicles codes and Anime God Simulator codes next.