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War Thunder tanks tier list

In our guide to War Thunder tanks we are treading new ground, as we roll into the world of tanks and figure out the very best of the bunch for you.

War Thunder Tanks: key art for War Thunder shows two tanks driving through a wooded area

There are plenty of War Thunder tanks, so it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track. The exciting free-to-start mobile game is all about pitting panzers against each other in deadly battles. Choose your nation and then pick your vehicle, but make sure you make the right decision. It’s life and death on the battlefield, and every choice counts.

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War Thunder tanks

In War Thunder, you choose your nation before you choose your tank, and your chosen nation has a unique skill tree with accurate artillery for that country. Choosing the US rewards you with US fleets of tanks and planes, while the USSR gives you Russian tanks and planes. So, before we can dive into the best tanks, it’s important to assess the best nations.

War Thunder nations tier list

Here is our list of the best nations, depending on the amount and the strength of the units available when choosing each different country.

Tier War Thunder nations
A Great Britain, Germany, Sweden
B France, Italy, Japan
C China
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War Thunder tanks tier list

You can customize your experience in War Thunder a huge amount, so while some tanks are better than others, it also depends on playstyle and your loadout. However, this tier list details the best tanks for people starting out, so you can jump into some of the best vehicles without having to worry.

Tier War Thunder tanks
S Platoon Tiger II (H) Sla.16, Platoon Char 25t, Platoon IS-2 “Revenge”, Platoon Cornet I, Platoon Black Prince, Platoon T-54 (1949), Platoon Chieftain Mk 3, Platoon Leopard A1A1, Platoon Leopard I, Platoon M26E1, Platoon M601 (AOS), Platoon Turm III, Platoon Panther D, Platoon ST-A3, Platoon Panther F, Platoon FV4202, Platoon M47, Platoon T54E1, Platoon M4A4 (SA50)
A Platoon T-34-85 (D-5T), Platoon Pz.IV G, Platoon T-55A, Platoon M4A1 (76) W, Platoon M4A3 (76) W, Platoon KV-220, Platoon Chi-Nu II, Platoon Pz.IV F2, Platoon Tiger H, Platoon SR-A, Platoon Avenger, Platoon T20, Platoon T-34-85
B Platoon Sherman “Trzyniec”, Platoon T-44, Platoon T-34, Platoon T-34E, Platoon E.B.R. (1951)
C Platoon M4A1, Platoon Calliope, Platoon M4A4, Platoon M4A2, Platoon T-34 (1942)

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