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Warzone Mobile controller support and compatibility

Our Warzone Mobile controller guide not only dives into which gamepads are compatible, but also how you can connect them to your phone.

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Knowing how Warzone Mobile controller support works can be half the battle if you’re not a fan of touch controls, and luckily for you, we’re here to explain how you can use a controller with Warzone Mobile. It’s fairly simple, and the game supports a wide variety of controllers, so you should be good to go regardless of which gamepad you want to use.

Before we go any further, allow us to tell you all about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile codes, though you should probably check out our Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile download guide if you’re yet to install the game. Or, if you’re already deep in the action, take a look at our Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile loadouts and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile guns guides to see which equipment best suits your needs.

Let’s take a look at Warzone Mobile controller support.

Can you use a controller in Warzone Mobile?

Yes, Warzone Mobile does feature controller support. If you happen to be a console player, we have good news: the chances are you can use your gamepad of choice, as both PlayStation and Xbox controllers are compatible with Activision’s mobile shooter. It’s important to note, however, that if you use a controller, the matchmaking system only puts you with other gamepad users. That’s something to consider if you want to play with a friend who uses touch controls.

What Warzone Mobile controllers are there?

The most obvious gamepad to mention is Backbone, as the company is the official controller partner for Warzone Mobile. Luckily, in our Backbone PlayStation controller review, we rave about how simple and easy it is to use while being comfortable to hold. Of course, any mobile controller like this will do; GameSir is another solid brand that comes to mind. Check out our list of the best mobile controllers if you need some assistance in finding the right one for you.

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Bluetooth Warzone Mobile controllers

As for the controllers you can use that don’t attach to your phone, the official Call of Duty Warzone Mobile controller blog explains that the following Bluetooth controllers are compatible with the game:

  • Xbox Series X/S wireless controller
  • Xbox One wireless controller
  • Xbox Elite wireless controller
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense controller
  • PlayStation 4 DualSense controller

How do I connect a Warzone Mobile controller?

To connect your controller to your phone to play Warzone Mobile, you need to:

  • Enable pairing on your controller (the ]]] symbol on an Xbox
  • controller or the PS symbol on a PlayStation controller)
  • Switch your phone’s Bluetooth on
  • Check the list of devices and select your controller
  • Open Warzone Mobile
  • Ensure your controller is on
  • Move the analog stick or press a button
  • You should see a message that says “controller connected”

After that, you can change the control layout to suit your needs (just visit the options menu for that) and enter a match. It’s important to note that while you can use the controller during matches, preparation, such as checking your loadouts and navigating menus, still requires touchscreen input.

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