The best mobile two player games

Pocket Tactics

Why play alone when you can play together? Here are the best mobile two player games you can enjoy with your friends or family.


This dark Flappy Bird-like challenges you to guide a bunch of strange creatures through even weirder environments, and you can play the whole thing with friends.

That will help, as some of the challenges in Badland are cerebral in nature, and it can play more like a puzzler than a platformer at times.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale? With friends? That’s right. This super competitive card battler-meets-tower defence is great fun with a friend, and that’s down to the 2v2 mode.

This wonderful creation is a lot less stressful than the main mode, as you only have to worry about defending and attacking down a single lane. Well, providing your friend is any good, that is.

Crossy Road

Hop, skip, and leap across hazardous roads, treacherous rivers, and more in this hectic platformer that turns that age-old joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” into a full-on game.

With local, split-screen multiplayer, you can enjoy Crossy Road with your friends no matter where you are. It’s a great little timewaster while you’re travelling together.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Fancy something with a little more meat on its bones? You need Kingdom Two Crowns, a challenging monarchy survival simulator that tasks you with keeping your own kingdom survive.

The sequel, Two Crowns, introduced co-op to the experience, which helps immensely. Two minds are better than one, the saying goes, and it’s true here.

Words With Friends 2

Think you know bigger and better words than your friends? Put it to the test then, in the mobile board game that’s reminiscent of Scrabble.

It’s highly competitive stuff, and can keep you occupied for hours. Just don’t hold us responsible for any friendships you lose as a result.

PUBG Mobile

Battle royale duos were made for two player sessions, and PUBG Mobile brings them to the smaller screen with aplomb. It’s just like the real thing.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, put your survival strategy to the test alongside a friend in PUBG Mobile. You’ve got this.


Spaceteam might look minimal, but don’t mistake that for simplicity. This is multiplayer mayhem at its absolute best, with you and your friends shouting out nonsense words to try and prevent a spaceship crashing.

Each person’s screen displays different controls, and you’ll have to yell out instructions at each other while your controls are bombarded with asteroids.