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Riot adds Dragon Trainer Tristana skin to mobile game Wild Rift

The new Wild Rift Dragon Trainer Tristana skin is so adorable that it might just give you the edge in battle as the opposition admires your cuteness

Wild Rift Dragon Trainer Tristana key art that shows her on a hill pointing forward with a smiling dragon

Since League of Legends: Wild Rift’s initial release in 2020, Riot continues to add new champions to the mobile MOBAs roster. Each time a new path arises, the excitement of players increases tenfold as they eagerly await the new characters in hopes that it’s one of their favourites from the main game. Heck, even a new skin is enough to set the community ablaze.

On this occasion, it’s Wild Rift’s Tristana that gets a new look to make her presence known on the battlefield. It’s fair to say that the Wild Rift Dragon Trainer Tristana skin is a hit with players already, or so that’s what a Twitter thread from the official Wild Rift account seems to indicate.

The skin gives her a dragon companion (naturally), and it has serious Hiccup and Toothless vibes from How to Drain Your Dragon. Honestly, it’s arguably one of the more adorable skins you can get in League of Legends, so it’s a joy to see it come to the small screen on mobile devices.

What is the Wild Rift Dragon Trainer Tristana release date?

The skin is available in-game now, so dive in, play some games, earn currency, and snag yourself a skin that makes you the ruler of dragons.

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