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Wisteria codes

Our list of new Wisteria codes gives you demon appearance, breath, nichirin colour, and blood demon art resets, you can also learn how to redeem them

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April 13, 2023: We checked for new Wisteria codes

Players both new and old will benefit from using any of the Wisteria codes below, as they often provide handy freebies, such as breath and blood demon art resets. We will keep this page updated with any new codes as soon as the developer releases them, so make sure you keep this page bookmarked and check back frequently.

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New Wisteria codes

Active codes:

  • !NichirinReroll – Nichirin reroll
  • !BreathReset – Breath reset
  • !BDAReset – Blood Demon Art reset
  • !RaceReset – Race reset
  • !SetYourBlazer – Free BDA reroll
  • !ClickTheSun – Free breath reset code
  • !Demon80K – Free breath reset code
  • !ResetMe – Free progress and race reset
  • !BreathReset – breath reset
  • !NichirinColor – nichirin colour reset
  • !HairDrip – hair and eye reset
  • !HaoriReset – haori reset
  • !DemonAppearance – demon appearance reset
  • !BDAReset – blood demon art reset

Expired codes:

  • !ChristmasBreathe
  • !ChristmasClan
  • !ChristmasClan2
  • !ChristmasBDA
  • BreathReset
  • !ResetMe
  • !DemonAppearance
  • !HaoriReset
  • !BreathReset
  • !HairDrip
  • !NichirinColor
  • !90000LIKES
  • !100KBDA
  • !100KBreath
  • !DemonAppearance
  • !BreathReset
  • !BDAReset
  • !80000LIKESDEMON
  • !80000LIKESHAORI
  • !DEMON80K
  • !8000Likes
  • !BDAReroll
  • !2021DemonArt
  • !2021Breath
  • !Christmas
  • !10000WISHES
  • !30000LIKES
  • !1000FOLLOWS
  • !25000LIKES
  • !20000LIKES

What are Wisteria codes?

Wisteria codes are released by the game’s developer, Demon Corps, and provide helpful resets. Unfortunately, we don’t have a release schedule, but you can expect them to drop whenever the game reaches a new milestone.

How do I redeem Wisteria codes?

Now, if you’re wondering what you should do with all these Wisteria codes, follow the simple instructions to reap the rewards.

  • Open Wisteria
  • Open the chat box
  • Type in the code
  • Receive rewards!

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